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Eating enough?

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My two cats are now about one year old. When we first got them, Roo in particular was quite skinny and didn't seem to put on much weight, so I fed them as much wet food as they would eat and made sure they always had lots of dry to graze on. They were inside only cats. Suddenly, we realised that Roo was quite fat. I started cutting back on their food in October and a month later we constructed an outdoor enclosure. Now they spend most of the day outside, so they are getting more exercise and not so bored, hence not eating as much. Now I am worried that Roo is not eating enough again! Although she has dropped the fat over about 5 months, I don't want her to lose any more. I have been mixing tuna with their cat food to try to entice them to eat more. Is this OK? Is there any danger of feeding tuna for extended times? How do I know if she is too light? I don't feel her ribs, so I know she's not too thin, but I don't want her to continue to lose weight. She never eats much, just grazes throughout the day.
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Human tuna can deplete vitamin E in kitties body... if they want tuna SOlid gold make a great tuna cat food that has the vitamins and minerals needed not to cause issues...

what food are they eating that you have to dr with tuna??
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I live on an island and the only canned cat food is Friskies or supermarket brands like HyTop and President's Choice. I feed Friskies. I also feed them dry and the supermarket has just this week started carrying Nutro Choice so I have started them on that. I believe wet is better although both cats do drink water. Do you think I should just feed Nutro Choice dry now? Sounds likea lot of people recommend Nutro. I know the Friiskies wet is probably no more than junk food.
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One other thing that is bad about tuna is that there is mercury in canned tuna. It is at very small levels, but high enough that pregnant women and children should not have more than one tuna sandwich a week. If you consider how small a cat is in relation to a child, you can assume that the cat should have tuna only on special occasions or only in very small amounts.
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Okay this is going to be a slightly off the wall answer that is squewed due to having a cat with kidney issues...

I would use the natural choice dry and give some friskies wet... the reason is that evan though the friskies is not the greatest it is still mosture for kitty...

Can you order online???
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Not all suppliers will ship overseas. I thought of feeding raw with a food supplement but have to find a good one that I can order online. In the past day or so I have fed them Nutro Choice moistened as well as dry, and they have eaten the moistened one -- more than they have eaten of Friskies recently as they won't eat it without the tuna. I have stopped the tuna.

Any opinions on Wiskas? They go crazy for it but I give it as a treat only, not as a meal. I figure that's like junk food too.
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