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Has anyone read these books? I love them! I'm on a young adult kick, recapturing all the books I would have loved if I had gotten into reading when I was younger. So far I've read the first 3 and am about to go pick up the fourth. They are about 4 clans of feral cats and various "kitty pets." Its actually the story of a "kitty pet" going to live in one of the clans and becoming a warrior. Its so cute (ok the last book was a little sad). Anyway I'm having so much fun reading them, I just wondered if anyone else was also reading them?

I think in my attempt to recapture young adult literature, my favorite has been THe Firebringer Trilogy:
Its about a band of unicorns. Had I read that when I was little, I would have been in heaven .

I'm also reading the Inheritence series and The Chronicals Of Narnia series white awaiting the last book of Harry Potter .