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Aggressive Behavior in Pregnant Kitty...Is it Normal?

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We found a pregnant kitty at the beach a few weeks ago that appeared to be a stray. After going back several times to check on her and feed her we decided to bring her home. I feel a little guilty not knowing if she belonged to someone but felt that as far along as she is she should not be outside and so close to a busy street. No one in the neighborhood had ever seen her and so far no one has seems to be looking for her. The main reason we took her is that she just seemed to be starving. She inhaled the food we would bring her. We took her right to the vet and had her checked out...she was negative for FLV and FIV and the vet said to expect kittens within 2 weeks. She is the sweetest most loving cat and we just love her and would like to keep her. However, she is just horrible to the other cats. Is this normal behavior for a pregnant cat. Everything went well the first few days and now she is attacking them. We are pretty much keeping her in the spare bedroom and have fixed several places for her to have her kittens and we do let her out several times a day for about 15 minutes at a time. She is very protective of her room now and does not want the other cats near it. I have read about maternal aggression after the kittens are born but will they get aggressive right before they are born? She has got to have these babies soon because she is literally about to bust. It's been a long time since I have had or been around a pregnant cat and don't ever remember seeing one this big. We're predicting at least 10 kittens..LOL!! The other thing is that she eats almost constantly. I have never seen anything like it. She is an eating machine. Can't fill her and she grows bigger every day. Is this normal? We are so hoping after she has the kittens and gets spayed she will be nicer to the other cats because we just don't think it's fair to have them so upset and will probably have to look into finding her another home. I have brought new cats into my home many times and after a while they get along fine but have never had one act like this so that is why I'm wondering if it's because she is pregnant. Any input would be appreciated because we really want to keep her.
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It would be normal for a non-pregnant cat coming into a new home to retaliate against the strange cats. To top that off with her being pregnant then that can aggravate matters. I would give her her own room and let her be quiet and comfortable without the other cats bothering her. Especially since she is so close to delivery. If she was an outdoor cat then she is used to aggression between cats as they fight for territory. Most likely she just wants to be left alone as she is at a disadvantage being so large.

My girl gets wider every day . Weight gain is pretty normal the later they get.
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Hi, On Valentines Day we adopted a cat from the Humane Society and noticed after we brought her home that she was pregnant! The first few days she was fine towards the other cats, and we actually said she has a boyfriend (our male cat who is fixed) then all of a sudden she started lashing out towards the other cats...teritorial stuff. We are hoping that she comes around after the kittens get older but just a warning... it has been 2w since she had her kittens and when we let her out of our spare bedroom she does attack the other cats still. I think it is still teritorial/agression bc the kittens are so little still (hopefully!). She seems to be coming around a little though so my suggestion is just watch them if you let her out into the house. You are so sweet for taking in the pregnant cat!!! good luck and post pics if you can of her being pregnant and the kittens when she has them!!!
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Yes, it is very normal for a pregnant or new mom cat to be quite cat-aggressive. It's her natural instinct to protect her babies. It is best for pregnant cats and those with kittens under about 6 weeks old to be isolated from other cats. They may do okay housed with another mom cat but they definitely shouldn't be around male cats (even neutered males), for the sake of the male cat!
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