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Bathing a "senior" cat

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My old guy has stopped bathing himself and he's getting really stinky. Does anyone know it's really bad to bathe an older cat? I have tried those wipes and they don't do it for me. I brush him often but his hair is still matting really bad on his belly. BTW, he just turned 18.
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I have a senior too (he only 17 though). I'm guessing he is long haired??
At this time of year I have lots of mats to deal with. I'm lucky that I can "pull" them off-but only perhaps two or three at a time then he runs away. Is he not cleaning is anus area??? You would wash gently with a warm washcloth that has been rinsed with cat shampoo. Other than that have you ever givin him a bath?? i know my cats don't take kindly to that. Its normally a two person job.
I have lots of towels ready. I wear long sleeves and gloves and have as many pitchers filled with warm water. I do in bathroom sink and have the door shut!! I quickly pour the water over the cat, the other person squirts on some shampoo I suds up the cat as well as they let me. You my have a 3rd person refilling the pitchers of water. I then rinse -the other person pours and I strip off the soap. I then gather the cat into one towel after another to get as much water off before they scramble out of my arms and run away!! Maybe after this the wipes would work better???
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First you need to get those mats out BEFORE you wash him. Otherwise you will never get them out (unless you cut the fur).

If you cat has had baths in the past with little problems, no reason you can't wash him now. Because of his age, you might want to use a hair dryer or confine him in a small area with heat vents to keep the room warm.

Our 15 yr old rex can't keep himself clean very well, so he gets a bath about once a month. He's a retired show cat and quite used to baths. He just cuddles under the blankets till dry now.
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I just wipe mine down with a warm, damp facecloth, and then brush them. They normally love it, but there is no way I would attempt to bath any of them unless it was something I couldnt' get off with a damp cloth.
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I bathe my cats frequently. They weren't fond of it at first but got used to it after the first time or two. Just make sure to use a shampoo for cats and/or kittens and rinse with a couple gallons water with 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar in it. Dawn dish liquid is ok too but will dry skin out more then a pet shampoo. I use it on one of my cats that has a very greasy coat. But I always follow it with his regular shampoo and then the vinegar rinse.
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