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Gandalf in action (3 pics)

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Hello all.
Here are some recent pictures of Gandalf ( he will turn 1 next month)

Since he is a house-only cat he doesn't get that much excercise. So after reading some threads I decided to buy him an interactive cat toy. I found a nice on on ebay and purchased it immediatelly.

He just loves it ! He goes crazy when he sees me holding it.
Here is the proof (that feather is REALLY high) :
Note : All pics are around 640 on the longest side I hope it's ok

and a more "relaxed" one :

you can find more here :
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Oh my goodness is he gorgeous or what!!! That last picture is brilliant He looks like he could say " I'm shattered!! "
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Those pictures are fantastic!
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He is one handsome cat!!
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Oh my - he just amazing!!!!
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Great pictures! I love the last one!
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Thank you all for your kind comments
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OMG he's a beautiful cat!!!! Those first two pics are amazing!!! He must have jumped super high! The last pic is just too cute!
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Wow!!, what a jumper!
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Wow look at that cat jump...he's quite lovely.
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Awesome action shots!

I love the last one - he looks so great with the blue background.
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WOW does that kitty - oops, I mean big boy (he's turning 1!!) - have a lot of energy or what?! What a handsome cat!
I love those pictures, thanks so much for posting them!

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Gandalf says thank you to all !
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