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HTML Disabled in VBulletin?

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Just out of curiousity, is there any particular reason that HTML is disabled in all posts?

When I personally post pics, I prefer to thumbnail the pics and host all images, both thumbnails and regular images on my own server. This way the thumbnails remain very small and allow the thread to load quickly, while the images can be somewhat larger for those that wish to view them. In addition, by hosting the images on my own site, there are lower bandwidth requirements imposed on the persons hosting the forums.

Doing this is nearly impossible without some basic html. I suppose I could post separate url's for the larger pics, next to all of the thumbnails, but its much easier to just do some quick html tags, and looks much better too!

I really dont see many negatives in allowing those that wish, to use HTML tags.

Just curious, thanks!
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Vbulletin uses special tags that replace HTML. You can post images that are stored on other servers by using the IMG tags. It's not a perfect system as you can't work out thumbnails and such but that's the best we can do. HTML is not allowed because I don't want people to insert table tags and mess up the structure of the forums, or any java scripts and what nots.

For more info about the VB code Click here
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Thanks for the reply Anne. Im pretty familiar with VBull, its a great forum. I administrate several different VBull forums on other sites. I guess I can understand not wanting tables and what not, just makes it tough to do certain stuff. Thanks again for the reply!

To further beat a dead horse so to speak, it would still be possible to set up a special group for those that want to use html, and you could implicate rules to the group, such as no tables, no jscript, etc etc. Maybe have a minimum post limit and/or time frame that you have to be a member for before being allowed to be added to the group. This would keep out the 'ruff raff' from doing anything destructive and allow those that have made a name for themselves and proven to be mature on the boards the ability to use html.
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