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help with kitty

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Around the first of Dec. I ended up with a stray cat. We figured she was about 5 months old then. About one month later she was in heat so I assume she was at least 6 months in Jan. Anyway she wants to go outside so bad. She sits by the door and tries to escape everytime someone comes or goes. She stares out of the window. I feel so bad I am about ready to let her out. I work during the day and I hate leaving her. My husband says I can't get another one since our house is so small and we also have a large dog. They stay together during the day but the dog isn't much company for her. Should I just let her out? I've bought tons of toys and little houses for her to play with. She is lonely and I am not sure I am doing her a favor.
Any advice is appreciated. I forgot to say she never purrs either.
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My first question would be, is she spayed? If not, please do that immediately. If you do a search on google for low-cost spay neuter and the name of your state you'll come up with a lot of low-cost options. If she does get out, there are so many unwanted stray kittens as it is.

And has she had all her shots? There are lots of things they can pick up outside.

That being said, and asked, I would say don't let her out. If she is spayed, and has her shots, maybe you can train her to wear a harness and leash and take her out for walks (unless you have a well-contained place to put her that she can't get out of). I'm trying to get my guy trained to walk on a leash.

Also it might depend on the kind of area you live in and the dangers there.

I'm not sure how to stop the crying, or gettng her to not beg to go out, there are many here much more informed than I.
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I had her spayed in Jan. She had been in heat a couple of weeks before. She has had her shots also. I love her dearly and am afraid something will happen to her if I let her out. We live in a neighborghood with a highway not to far away. She is so active I know she will take off. I just feel so bad.
Thank you.
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There is an age-old debate among cat lovers whether indoor or
indoor/outdoor is best. You don't say where you are located, which
sometimes can be a factor.

I do not let my cats outside. Period. There are too many things outside
that can hurt/kill them
-- animals w/rabies
-- people who hate and hurt cats
-- traffic
-- animals who prey on cats
-- kids who mistreat cats
-- too many chances to get lost

I know that cats like to be outside, and it sounds like yours was
outside once. But here's where we are the adults -- it is our job
to take care of them and provide them with a safe environment.

-- window seats for the cat
-- lots of toys. Keep 1/2 hidden and trade them out periodically
-- lots of exercise
-- cat towers and things to jump up on and keep interest

Others will argue that there is nothing wrong with letting your cat
out, and I'll simply respectfully beg to disagree. And it sounds as
though you already doubt letting her out is a good thing.

In time she will lose her desire to go outside, as long as she is spayed.
Meantime, be very careful as you open and close outer doors.

Best of luck,

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Do you think she will adjust when she reaches one year? I know she is lonely for company. I live in an area that could provide danger should she go out not to mention getting lost. I guess I will keep her in and hope she will be ok. My dog likes her a lot and plays with her now and then but not nearly enough. She is so active.
Thank you,
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Originally Posted by chelle12
Do you think she will adjust when she reaches one year? [snip for space] She is so active.
Thank you,
LOL. As with kids, this will pass all too soon, and you'll miss these
days, believe me. Cats do calm down as they age, just as all other
creatures, including the mamals called "human" do!

I don't know that I'll promise complete calm by age 1. And she may
always be a cat who tries to get outside. So, just to be on the
safe side, make sure she is always up on all vaccinations, and get
her a collar and ID -- or consider an ID chip -- so she can be returned
if found. And then do your darndest to overrule her desire for outside.

Whether they actually believe it or not, they can be quite happy inside
if you provide them with an active and loving environment inside. Really.
Just like kids really do need to go to bed earlier than adults, whether
they agree or not. :-)

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I know you said you don't thinkn you can have another cat because of the size of your house, but how small is small? Because they don't need a ton of room. If you had a studio apartment one would probably be best, but if you have a house, I am sure 2 cats would be fine. That may be all she needs. Another furry critter her own size and species.I have a 2 bedroom apartment with 2 floors and I have 6 cats. We are a little cramped, but it isn't like you are getting 5 more cats.

Well, you know your limit, but as long as the issue isn't money and just space, you might want to consider it. Her desire to go outside may decrease with a playbuddy.
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I think I will just get another cat and hope when my husband finds out he won't have the heart to do anything but keep him. What if I do get a cat and they don't like each other? I wouldn't have the heart to take it back. I want to check at paws and see if I can get a male around her age.
I don't know if a female would be good or not.
Thank you.
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