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Feline Leukemia

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I had a kitty who tested + for felv. I am wondering what I should use to clean her cage/litterbox, food/water dishes and blankets, so other kitties won't get it. Thanks!
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dont quote me but either bleach or a proven disifectant( dr fosters has a few)
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FeLv has no life outside the host animal and cannot be transmitted in this way. FeLv can only be transmitted directly between cats. You shouldn't have to bleach anything.
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Cats over one year of age are naturally immune to Fel.V whether they are vaccinated or not, so annual vaccination of adult cats is not necessary.
You can find the rest of the information here
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FeLV is very fragile and quickly dies outside of a host cat. Any routine disinfectant, like bleach or a quaternary ammonia disinfectant, would do the trick just fine. The other thing you can do is just put everything away for 30 days. After that time the virus is definitely dead. Using disinfectant and keeping things put away for a month is probably being overly cautious, realistically speaking, but they're really pretty minor steps so it's worth it just for the added safety.
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Ohh ok cuz i have this 4 foot cage that she was in and i didn't know if i had to bleach that or not. i bleach the bottom of it..
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You don't have to be super scrupulous about disinfecting. However, there's a lot to be said for spritzing the cage with Clorox Clean-up or diluted bleach. There are lots of pathogens out there besides FeLV that could still potentially be transmitted, such as ringworm and the viruses that cause upper respiratory infections. Bleaching items in between cats is always a smart idea.
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