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Tempermental it seeems.....

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Bunny (who lives with my parent's) has been urinating on the floor again lately. It's not anything new but I thought I'd post here for some insight. It seems she does this when she is mad. She's done this since we adopted her 3 years ago.

Bunny was 4 when we adopted her. She had 2 previous owners. One moved, the second ended up allergic, then we came along. At that time it was just on the bath mat or a towel in the bathroom. Then after she'd been there for a while she stooped it. We did figure she is pretty picky about her litter arrangements.

Then last fall Olivia came to live with my parent's and Bunny went into a big grouchy period. I mean everyone felt her wrath when the newcomer moved in. The peeing started again but in the family room this time. She's calmed down about it some, but we've been noticing that when she is mad, she seems to do it intentionally, even if we are right there.

For instance, she wanted to go outside today, she is declawed and not allowed out unless we are going to be with her. She stays on the front sidewalk most of the time. But it was not a warm day and no one was going out. So she was walking around, meowing at the doors and while sitting at the window Next thing I hear is my stepfather saying 'No Bunny No!' and she had just squatted and peed again.

She's been to the vet but I'm not sure if they made sure they did a test for infection. My mother is taking her in this week and making sure they test for that.

So any ideas what it might be? My only ideas are infection, attitude, or something still doing with a change in the house. Olivia has been there since at least September and she is less moody lately so I just don't know. Any ideas would be appreciated. I'm pretty sure the vet visit will stress her more. I just hope it doesn't make it worse!
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we have a cat like that as well. She LOVES my fiance' (which is hilarious as he's not a cat person) and when she's upset she pees on something of his to let him know she's upset.
It seems like it's almost exclusively bags of his (he loves bags and has tons) and it usually corresponds to having a dirty litterbox. i don't think she's peeing because the litterbox is dirty, usually it's because she's mad about our other cat or our recent foster mom, like she's been bugged to much by our other cat, or our foster mom cat has accidentally gotten out of her room and chased her.
What works for us, is trying to keep her litterbox as clean as we can, not let her feel harassed by our other cat, keep all bags out of her reach, and show her the litter box when she pee's outside of it.
i guess if you know she pees when she's unhappy, if you think she's going to get mad, confine her to a room with her litterbox for a bit.

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Hmm....she usually stays in my parent's room. Pumpkin goes up there too but they get along fine. The dogs are there at night too, but it's kind of 'her turf.' Mom is good about keeping the boxes clean, but I'll suggest she puts a third in their bathroom to see if that helps. Right now she has to go downstairs to get to the two litterboxes and her food. She does have a water bowl upstairs. She's the first cat we've ever had that has done this, so I'm glad to hear other cats pee when they are upset too.
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Infection is possible, as is cystitis. When cats get stressed, it often affects their bladders. Cystitis can be acute or chronic, and it can be treated via diet (including canned food and increased access to water, such as a kitty water fountain) and via medication. So while it often seems like they are doing it out of spite, it may be happening as a result of stress instead.
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