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My cats never wake me up- in fact, when my alarm goes off I usually have to push Simon off the bed because he won't budge and he sleeps on top of the covers so he's got me pinned in!
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Mine flits back and forth from the door to the bed, meowing the whole way, pausing briefly to perch nearby and stare at me (checking to see if it worked)
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Jack Daniels sleeps with me at night and if I don't hear him plop down on the floor he gets into EVERYTHING that makes noise to try and wake me up. If that don't work he'll climb to the very top of the cat tree and jump off it to land right on top of me.
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I never use my alarm clock now! I have three cat alarms...

Tango is the main alarm clock- he will run his paws/claws thru my hair and pull the elestastic band out of my hair (tend to put in ponytails before I go to bed) and pull at my hair with his teeth so it can be quite PAINFUL.

Pepper will dig at me with her paws on my arm persistantly till I wake up.

Pepper, Tango and Heidi also will sit around and stare at me until I get up.

On the weekends, I would get up, put out dry food for cats then go back to bed hoping to sleep but most of the time Tango won't permit me to go back to sleep.

Zebra, Buddy and Spike are the only ones who doesn't try to wake me up. Guess they know that other cats are doing a great job of it already.
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Conner lays right up against my chest and neck under the covers, so his first attempt is when he is first waking. He kneads my neck and chin and face, and I get a claw every now and then. When I boot him out of the covers, he walks into the kitchen and stands there (at his already full bowl of food, mind you) and meows like I need to get up and feed him. When I proceed to tell him what a nuissance he is in my most disgruntled sleepy voice, and try to roll over and get more sleep, he takes it as an invitation that I want to play. So he pounces on my stomach or chest, and he is a heavy cat so his little paws leave bruises, ugh, and then will just stand on my chest and stare at my face. No kidding, he will just stand there all eerie like, with his face in mine staring at me. I always try to ignore it, but, darn it, when youve got a cat staring you down trying to use his telekenetic powers to get out of bed, you just can't sleep!

I'll slit one eye and look at him with a very un-amused expression and he obviously interprets it as 'I love you', because he thinks this is time to start rubbing his furry little head and face all over mine, until I have a mouthful and noseful of long cat hair and must wake up if I want to continue breathing.

Lol. Kind of a dramatic wake up call. Most of the time after all of this, and me choking on furballs, he just sits there patiently looking precious and when I go to scowl at the little nuisance, I cant help but laughing at him cuz he somehow manages to look so innocent! I usually throw the covers over him, drag him close to me, and we have our morning time pre-day cuddle for about 5 minutes of pure Conner lovin'. Who can complain too much about that?
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If I don't put Megan out before I go to bed, she will usually decide that she wants out around 2 or 3 AM. She lets me know by sitting on my nightstand and pawing at the mini blinds. If Molly wants something in the night, she'll paw at the closet doors.
I once had a cat who would wake me up by sitting on my chest and licking my lips.
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My cat Burlap likes to hit me in the face with his paw. luckily he never uses his claws but it can be really irritating that early in the morning.
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What an enjoyable tread to read!
My girl can't wait till I get up and top up her dish, even if its full!!
She use to put her wet nose on my face and just sit there but I started blowing air at her everytime she did that so now she just pushs the top of her head against my face and leaves it there.
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That's usually how Trent's first attempt works. I don't think it works very well, but he always tries mind control first.

pandy doesn't wake me up, she falls asleep right next to me with her head on the pillow and doesn't get up until i do.

bonnie wakes me up most mornings, she either sits somwhere and stares at me or she paddles at my arm with her claws out, that gets me up every time, she also uses noise tactics and cry's until i get up and feed her.

i love her though and it never annoys me, sometimes i pull her into bed and scruff her fur to get her back

pandy only sits and stares when bonnie is on the bed with me, that's the only time pandy won't jump up, she just looks at me and bonnie with a look of utter contemp....jelous?
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well my 1 cat dotty has the most amasin purr when she is aloud to sleep on the bed. she comes and finds my ear and starts purin in it
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When she sleeps inside (like she will be for the next three nights of colder weather), she usually ends up on my chest, with her faces just inches away from my face, and just lays there until I open my eyes....
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Aawwwwwwwwwww.......These are just the sweetest wake-up stories (even IF they can sometimes be a bit annoying, when we are REALLY wanting to sleep! )
My MissyKitty comes running in, stands up with her feet on the mattress and YELLS at me, to "GET UP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!"
She then, turns on her heel, resolutely walking out the bedroom door and has this look like: "And I KNOW, I won't have to be turning around, to see if you are following!"
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Our youngest kitty Merlin is extremely attached to our 2 year old Connor. Every day at around 6 a.m. He scratches and meows non stop at our door until we let him into our son's room. We would leave the door open all night but he loves to lick his face and wake him up all through the night. We have tried to spray him with a water bottle, feed him, or even keep him in our room. But he won't stop meowing until he is with our son. It is pretty cute yet annoying at sometimes. But it is a unfailing alarm clock.
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By throwing up on the windowsill above my head, this morning.

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Devin wakes up José by patting him with his paw a few times and giving a few light meows.

If it's me he's trying to wake up, he snuggles in real close and then gives me a loud meow, startling me. Of course he's only woken me up once (normally he just sleeps to I wake up, then tries to get me to go back to sleep so he can sleep some more on my collerbone) and it was like noon. He doesnt make a very good alarm clock.
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