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Atrocity for fur

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The Philippines has laws against animal cruelty and abuse. Unfortunately they are ignored or not enforced due to greed, poverty, and other human priorities.
About 2-3 weeks ago, the local news reported that cats were being caught, put in sacks and clubbed to death in Cebu island, south of Manila. They are then skinned for their fur and even sold as food. The perpetrators are foreigners engaged in the fur trade. Since the bird flu epidemic hit their countries, it looks like they have turned to the Philippines (still no bird flu) for their supply. So please, please, DO NOT buy the cute furry stuffed animals or fur accessories sold in your stores. Real dogs and cats and other fur creatures suffer a horrible death to make these things.
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Even though my cats love the little furry mice, I won't buy them any more since I saw a video on how the animals from which they get this fur are treated. I still have the image of these men skinning animals while they were still alive and slamming animals to the ground by the tail to stun them before they skinned them. It is horrific what these people do to animals.
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