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Ahhh...I love Jimmy's picture.
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Here is another picture of Jimmy sleeping. He was in the laundry room but not on the washing machine. This is probably a few hrs AFTER the picture on the washing machine. He fell asleep in the window watching the dogs. Making sure they stay outside. I tiptoed in there and snapped his picture waking him. He actually stayed in there and has not went back to the bedroom.

While he was on the washer he ate hamburger meat in a saucer. He is the only one who has ever ate on top of the washing machine. He stayed there through two loads of washing and drying today. It is a stackable so he got the full benefit of both. The rocking motion might have made him drowsy... He was very sleepy in these pictures.

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Oh how sweet. Jimmy is beginning to trust his new home & Mommy.
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Those are sweet pictures, Jenn. Gotta give Jimmy credit - he knows the comfy places to sleep. I'm so glad he's feeling at home!
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I also think Yellow is going to be his friend. I have a picture I will upload tomorrow morning of Jimmy still on the window sill and Yellow sitting beside him.

Yellow likes him. And actually I think all the cats do. They have not followed him in curiosity or animosity. They are just taking him in stride.

Since Jimmy is exploring around the house now, he is more distant. It's going to take him time to really adjust to our life here. But he has made definite progress. The fact that he is able to move through the house with me in it as well is wonderful.

I don't know why all the cats love the laundry room. We are living in this little rent house and the laundry room used to be a porch and it is not as comfortable as other areas of the house, but the cats love hanging out in there. It might be because it is bright. I keep an old wooden ironing board in front of one of the windows covered in a blanket or a big towel so they can rest there and they adore it. Jimmy does too........

He stayed in the window till about 7 tonight and then went back to the bedroom and got in his crate and is asleep now for the night. He stays in there as far as I know during the night. Probably because the dogs are loose in here at night. He does not feel comfortable with them loose in the house yet but they just ignore him when he darts through. It's funny.

He'll get used to them. It took Star a while as well to get used to them as two of them are big and clumsy but they are very non agressive to the cats. I have introduced Cookie, Tink, Star and Socks to the dogs and it all worked. Jimmy will be the same. He is just adjusting in many ways right now. New cats, new home, new people and windows....... It's all an adventure and he will grow to love it.

Also, since he is loose in the house now, he doesn't want me bothering him with petting. So I am just leaving him be and talking to him when I see him. I don't want to pressure him. I am just thrilled he is moving through the house.

The only room he has not been in is our bedroom. It took Star months before she went in there....


p.s. I did pet Jimmy when he was on the sill today. He actually let me. He was not sure of it but it was ok. I figured he would dart to the bedroom but he didn't. That was the first time I have petted him 'out of his crate or hidy hole'. He was in the open so that is a good sign as well. And Eileen, the crate you sent Jimmy in, well that is his bed. He sleeps in there during the night. I have the door off so he can come and go and that has become his den. Thank you! He feels safe in there. I have it facing away from the door to the room so he feels comfortable in it and he thinks with it facing away that no one can see him. I have it covered as well with a towel. I keep his food and water in front of the door. So, in the future, when I take him to the vet, he knows his crate. It will be easy to crate him for the vet and I am very glad of that. I love the fact he loves his crate and enjoys it.

He might come out tonight however because I have the gate to the laundry room shut with the dogs in those two rooms. I shampooed the carpet today and it is not dry yet. The only dog able to fit through the gate is Muffin. The big dogs are back there and Jimmy knows when they are back there. I think he is used to Muffin who also darts around because he has been in his crate many times with her standing at the door of it eating his food. She is a riot. She thinks she is a cat. But anyway, it will be interesting to see what develops tonight with the big dogs put up. If I can stay awake that is....... Probably not..... I'm tired now and watching CSI..

Nite all.........
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I went ahead and got the two pictures of Jimmy and Yellow. By the way, I even added a large towel over the blanket while Jiimy was laying there and he did not move. I had to pick Yellow up to put it under him. Jimmy was just laying there watching. But Yellow is picky about his cats but somehow or other he likes Jimmy. He would not sit there if he didn't.. That is ultra cool!!!

Yellow took him a nap there as well. I'll get a picture of that next time. Him and Jimmy just lay there resting..... Yellow is strickly an inside kitty right now till we move. All the others come and go in and out.. Star is outside tonight as well. Today I let her out for the first time in two weeks. She kept meowing at me to go out. It is hard to ignore her when she meows..... So she is on the porch chasing nats and moths jumping around. She will probalby stay out all night. Mama Kitty is out there with her somewhere.

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Unbelievable. Star just meowed at the door and came in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess ignoring her has helped her. She wanted in and came right in the door......
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Wow, Jenn, it's great that you were able to pet Jimmy while he was out in the open. He's definitely beginning to trust you. I think giving him the time and space he needs is exactly the right approach. I love the pictures of him and Yellow, who's a beautiful cat. I'm so glad Jimmy is finding some buddies among your cats. He'll get used to the dogs eventually too. I suspect any experiences he had with dogs in the neighborhood where we trapped him, might have been pretty negative. He was just a kitten then.
Thanks for the updates and pictures. It's reassuring to know that our big guy is in such a good place.
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It looks like Yellow kitty has taken to watching over Jimmy.
What heart warming pictures.
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More news. In Jimmy's bedroom, I keep my computer disks in and stuff. Well, today I was rumaging through stuff looking for a disk and Jimmy left his crate and went in the other part of the house. I had the dogs blocked in the laundry area with their gate shut. There are two rooms in the laundry area. One has litter, a huge dog crate and dog food and water. The other room has the washer dryer and stuff like that.

Jimmy walked right through the gate slats, past the dogs, and went in the back part of the laundry room and got on the ironing board. As you recall, the gate has slats approx 6" or so apart so the cats and the dauchaund can travel through there. I keep the litter boxes back there and the dog food and water. And the big dogs can see what is happening in the house with the slats. And that way the cats have access to their litter boxes so I don't have to worry. Jimmy went right through the slats like the rest of the cats........

Maybe he is like the rest of the cats......... I have some cats that LOVE to eat dog food... Expecially Mama, Toe and Yellow. Jimmy might end up being like them. They love pedigree dog food. Don't get me worng. They eat cat food too, but when I fill the dogs pan up, they come running..... I'll have to get a picture of them all eating together.

But I couldn'' believe it about Jimmy walking right through there!!!!

I was absolutely shocked. I had the light out back there and the light switch to that room is unreachable unless I walk back there so I took the flashlight and there was Jimmy...... Sitting there chilling with the dogs 10' away.. He doesn't feel threatened by them.......

wow.............. I guess I don't have to worry about Jimmy and the dogs now. I had been keeping them in those two rooms so Jimmy would feel free to explore things but if he is walking through the gate back there, there is no reason to keep them back there any more. Which is cool.........

One more thing. Jimmy was not darting either. He was walking fast but not darting. There is a difference........ Ye Haw........

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That's great news!!! He's making more progress every day!!!
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Since Jenn has been busy working on their new house, I got the okay from her to post an update and picture of Jimmy. Looks like the big guy is happy in his new home. This is from a recent email she sent:

"When we came home today, Jimmy was resting in the big dogs crate.. He is too cute Eileen.

This crate is in the FIRST room in the laundry room. It has a window right over it. A lot of the cats sleep on the crate because it's by the window. Jimmy and Angela are the only cats who sleep in there. Angie loves it. He is laying on Molly's blanket.

This crate also looks into the living room so he can see the kitchen area [as we move around] and also the living room....... So he is slowly changing where he likes to sit or rest so from his vantage point, he can see us. Eventually he will be like Star Kitty who comes and goes as she pleases. Through the house and outside. And then comes back in. This is what I want for him. And he will get there. Star also does not like being touched much like Jimmy but she talks to me... He will one day. I want him secure so he can come and go through a kitty door and know he is safe in here and not afraid of us whether he lets us pet him or not. But I do feel he will like being petted one day....

He is not hiding any longer. Doesn't come to us but he is definately more comfortable in his surroundings.
And lookat his eyes. He is not hiding. He is just laying there. I swept around the crate and empited the two litter boxes beside him and he just lay there watching. He is getting used to the activity in the house and is learning our routine.... That's really cool too."

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Oh that's great!! Thanks for the update!
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I'm here today........ and Jimmy is a little doll kitty. He might neve like being petted but Star doesn't either. I just want him to feel safe so one day he can come and go through a kitty door and know where he lives. That way he will know he is OK.

But he is doing great!


p.s. Can't wait till he decides to sleep on the couch...........
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