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Looking Back - 1947

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As some of you know, I am renovating an old house. We ripped out a cabinet today and came across a Toronto newspaper from October 1947. I love finding old items and thought I would share some of the ads found in this paper.

Here is an Eaton's fashion ad - they were the store for fashion back then.

Check out the price of this winter coat - $110! That must have been expensive since some people only made $40 a week! Holt Renfrew is one of the most expensive fashion stores in Toronto - back then and now.

An ad for real estate. For those who are not familiar with Toronto, Rosedale is one of the richest areas of Toronto today with million dollar homes.

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Hockey tickets - most expensive ticket $3.00

My favourite, the job ads. These wouldn't be allowed today because of gender and weight (!)descrimination.

Wow, a weight restriction on this one!

Today, Loblaws is one of the largest grocery chains but back then only had 2 stores.

Also, I found an Australian Christmas stamp from 1958

If I find anything else of interest in my ongoing renovations I'll be sure to share!

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I love old things like that too! That is a VERY cool find!
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I'm like you i love to see old things such as newspapers and magazines!.

1947, i wasn't even thought of then

Thanks for sharing those
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Those are all very interesting - my dad found some old NZ papers and we had a good time looking through them. They are quite interesting aren't they?
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Those were cool. Hope you find a few more "treasures".
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Those were great! Keep us posted.
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Neat. It's interesting to see that kind of stuff, and compare cost and expectations to what we know now.
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That's cool! Do keep us updated on what you find!
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Oh my gosh, we had a grocery store called Loblaws here too when I was a kid! How cool to find that!!! I love old things!
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Hang on to that!! Those ads for FORD and the chain store will probably be worth something!! That is really cool!
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Very cool - those job ads so contradict current Human Rights codes. You can't even request "must be physically fit" any more - it has to state "must be physically able to perform job duties."
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