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Made Sushi today.....

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Well today i made sushi

Finally managed to get all the ingredients together, not an easy task around here

It was easier than i thought it was going to be, the hardest part is getting all the bits together. I guess if you live in a big cosmopolitan city its easier. Have found a good website tho' for a shop that does all things Japanese so i feel a spending spree coming on.......
A rice steamer, bamboo mat and a very sharp knife are a 'must'. I managed without but it would have been quicker with the right equipment to hand.

Pete is a big fish fan and he loved it, i think next time i will make a separate roll for myself using a rice and veggie filler instead of raw fish.

The cats loved the left over salmon, well when you have furry faces peering up at you its very difficult not to have left over
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I really want to make my own sushi. So any tips/recipes would be gretaly appreciated!

I love sushi with a passion!
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I'm sure you had a captive audience as you prepared it! Did any little paws try to come up and investigate?
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Ah hem? Where was that invite?!!

It sounds like it was a success then! Remember that I'm always willing to receive recipes!

If you ever need anything from the Chineese supermarkets, remember to give me a shout! Especially if you're giving me instructions too!
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I knew as soon as I saw the title that you'd be getting a lot of posts. There are TONS of sushi lovers here! (Except me...)
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The cats were all very well behaved, little angels . Nearly went into shock, normally get mugged

They sat in a circle behind me when the fish was being sliced up, even managed not to cut myself

Pete ate his with chop sticks (show off), i would still be eating mine if i had done the same But hey, it is the 'done thing' to use your fingers apparently

I got a book called Cooking Class: Japanese from Waterstones, only £5.99. Explains about all the ingredients required and has some good recipes to follow. I am not the worlds greatest cook, but i found this book easy to follow.

We did end up with rather a lot tho', must remember to divide the quantities by 3 next time Sorry Sar, no left overs Pete ate the lot !
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Originally Posted by VampireCat
Sorry Sar, no left overs Pete ate the lot !
Grrrr, Tell Pete that next time, he'll have to share with me!

Oooh, I'll have to check out that book though, sounds great! I think my birthday list will be huge once I discover the homemade deliciousness of sushi!
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