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Worst date stories

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Anyone have a really bad date story?

I don't really have a bad story but on my first date with Brian I was so nervous that during dinner I spilled my drink all over him. Half the resturant turned to look as he jumped up to avoid getting soda on him.

Since I don' have a funny story I found this story. True or not it's still funny.

I picked my date up at his apartment and we went to the movies. Afterward, we played pool. Okay so far. Then I drove him home, and he asked whether I wanted to come up and have just one drink and "talk." My gut said "don't go," but I accepted anyway. I decided that one drink couldn't hurt. Once in his apartment, he started showing me pictures from his college days. It was then I realized that he was about 20 years older than me.

Suddenly he decided he needed to "slip into something more comfortable" -- he even used those words! Because his apartment was so small, his bedroom was right in front of the couch, where I was sitting. He went in to change but didn't close the door. I was exposed to the sight of him taking off his shirt to change into ... A SILK SMOKING JACKET! The horror of seeing his bare, hairy back combined with the jacket made me want to spit out my beer. Amazingly, things got worse. He came out, sat on the couch next to me and proceeded to start rubbing his head on my shoulder. Then, he began purring (yes, purring) -- quite loudly. He then attempted to lick my ear. At that point, I jumped up and said that I had to go. I held in my laughter until I got to my car.
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This happened back in high school. I got set up on a blind date, and the guy came to the house, and he was okay, he was average looking, though he was a bit sloppily dressed. He was taking me to dinner and a movie. At dinner, we were sitting there and all of a sudden he said- "I do animal noises, wanna hear one or two?" For the next few minutes I was rooted in my chair as John trumpeted like an elephant, brayed like a donkey and clucked like a chicken. LOL I can laugh now, but then it wasn't all that funny. I told him that I didn't want to date The Farmer in the Dell and asked him to take me right home, he
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on a thrid date the guy told me our life would be together. He told me that I could work until we had our 1st of 5 children. He said that he would control all of the finances, etc. Let's just say there was no 4th date!
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I dated someone for several weeks, until one night he told me "I thought I was gay, but now I know I am." Huh? :confused2
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The problem with this "date" was that it wasn't supposed to be a date at all!

I met this guy at a concert (I was really into music and the rock scene at the time) when I was student teaching here in Denver. I was new in town and didn't know anyone except people at the school so he gave me his phone number and we started hanging out. At least, that's what I thought we were doing. He was a nice enough guy, just REALLY not my type for dating.

We got tickets for a radio station's "Birthday Bash." When I got there, his brother and sister-in-law came along. Fine, no problem, until they started smoking pot - in the public venue with the lights on, etc. Then his sister-in-law says how she's heard so much about me and how it was great that he had found such a nice girl for his girlfriend. I was horrified. He tried really putting on the moves after that, trying to hold my hand, putting his arm around me.

Luckily, I graduated soon after. I pretty much avoided his phone calls until I left and just didn't call him when I moved to Denver permanently.
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Oh my gosh!!! These stories are so funny! I can't think of one right now...I'm sure I have one, but I will have to post it later.
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I have a few of them.....

1-In the mid 90's I had moved to another part of the state for work reasons and didn't know anyone in the surrounding area. A co-worker of mine thought that I would get along famously with a friend of her boyfriends. She discribed him as intelligent (he was an engineer), fun and outgoing. Figured I had nothing much to loose and maybe even gain a friend. So I agreed to have her give him my #. Over the next couple of weeks we had several great telephone conversations and decided to me at Fridays for a drink. Well, when I got there he had already reserved a table, ordered food (mine & his), went on to tell me how he could not think of anything else but me since we first spoke, told all his friends about our future together and arranged for me to meet them the following Friday. Uhhhhhh - well major warning bells went off and I excused myself for the ladies room, ran to my car and left. I know that is not right but he scared me and thank god he did not know where I lived.

2- When I still living home I had met a guy at the town pool ( he was in college and worked there as a guard for the summer) He was quite cute and. So, when he asked me to the movies I happily agreed. Now you have to remember I have only seen this guy in swim trunks. The night of the date he showed up at the front door wearing a white polo shirt, white short which looked great with his tan. Well, the problem was a little further down instead of sneakers or a casual pair of shoes, picture this, he wore black dress socks and pantent leather dress up shoes. What a geek. When you are about 19 or 20 style is big and I was so embarrassed that there was no second date. Today I would chalk it up to - you should have know better.
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These stories are too good! I don't really have any stories, b/c I only dated a few people before I met hubby.
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Sarah - you are sooo lucky!! My mom only dated my dad and they are now married for over 50 years.

I do have one more - did I tell you about the Biker.

Well, also was still living home when this happened. Once again I was set up through a couple of friends who's friends had the perfect guy for me. My friends had never met him but spoke to him on the phone and thought he was very sweet. They managed to talk me into letting them give out my tel# and, let's call him Bill, did call a few days later. As it turned out he lived one town over and we had a very nic conversation during the course of which he asked whether I had dinner yet (it was a weekend) and if I would like to get a bite to eat. I guess I felt adventurous and said sure. He said he'd be by to pick me up in an hour. An hour passed and I heard this horrible noise in the driveway, wondering what the &*(&(& it could be I looked out the window and saw
Biker Bill, you can picture this if you ever have seen the cooking show on TV called Biker Bill Cooks. He had a Harley, his saving grace, Was about 40lbs over weight, grey long hair in a poney tail, leather outfit, has not shaved on a week, and biker glasses. I almost fell over and since he saw me looking out the window I had to answer the door. Before I did I convinced my Dad to tell him that he would not allow me to go on a "Bike" date so I would not have to go. And he did leave, but in a huff. The guy did not sound like a biker, OMG , a girl could have been warned...

Looking back it was pretty funny but at that time I think I akmost hyperventilated.
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Back in December of 1992, I was a senior in high school. I had asked a guy out for the first time in my life. I had asked him to a Christmas Dance. I was a very shy and nervous girl back then. I made spagetti and the pasta overcooked. And the sauce burned. We ended up eating the dinner cold. We got to the dance late. My date was cute but shy. He hardly talked. He was from another shcool and they people there were a bit unfriendly since our schools were rivals. He hasn't called me for a second date.
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I'll be honest, I didnt really date. I went out with a guy that I met for a few times, but there was no chemistry. I met my husband when I was kind of talking to the other guy. When I met my husband, there was chemistry So, I remember when the other guy kept calling me to go out with him, etc. You know what I did? I emailed him and told him that I needed to concentrate on school, and stuff & that I'd call him when I had time. Ok, some of you are saying "how low ------ how mean" :tounge2: I just couldn't get the nerve to say that I didn't like him. So, my husband was really my first boyfriend, and we ended up getting married. In high school I was too shy.
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I wouldn't say this was a *bad* date, but it certainly was my most uncomfortable one... even been out with someone who just doesn't get the signals?

I had known this guy at college for a few years and suspected he might have a lttle crush on me; this was confirmed when he asked me out less than a week after my several-years relationship ended, except it was so soon afterwards I didn't immediately recognize it as a date. I just thought we were going to a concert together and he was going to pick up the tickets.

Well, he refused to let me pay for my ticket, wouldn't even let me see it, said he would pick me up at 6:30 because the concert started at 7. I said OK because he had a car, I didn't, and he had given me lifts home from school before, I saw no harm in that. The concert *actually* started at 9, so he said oops, I got the time wrong, let's go out to dinner, I'll pay. Again, I attempted to pay, but no go, he had to pay. We went to the concert, the best part of the night, except he kept trying to buy me drinks. I managed to stave that off onslaught by just not drinking them.

After the concert I said thanks, I'll see you later, I have some stuff I have to do. He said, what is it? I had to go tend to my ex-dog (let him out, feed him, etc.) because my ex-boyfriend was out of town. It had been an amiable breakup, but my date didn't really know that, so you'd think that going to the ex's house would not be a great way to end a date. No, he insisted on accompanying me to my ex's place and waited while the doggie did his biz, then insisted on driving me home, even though it was only a 10 minute walk.

When we got to my place, I hopped out of the car, said thanks again and turned to go inside. It was then that he said "Can I kiss you good-night?"... I had no idea what to say. I think it was something like "No, it's too soon..." or something lame like that. I felt terrible, but God knows I tried to keep it on a friendly level. Of course it was all awkward at school from then on, and we really weren't friends anymore. It's too bad, because I actually rather liked the guy, but there was just zero chemistry, on my part anyway.
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I haven't really had a bad date. I guess I'm just lucky! I HAVE been stood up before though! This happened a while ago, but I met this guy at a local bar(I know, never date a guy you meet in a bar), but I couldn't resist his charm. He was Italian, good looking, muscular, and absolutely perfect he seemed. He was 9 years older than me though. But I figured we could work around that! Anyways, he asked me out for dinner, and my best friend was there with me as he asked me out. He said he would treat me like a princess, and he would never do anything to hurt me. My best friend said "You'd better not!" And we set the date for Saturday night. Well, I had to work until 5, and we were going from there. It was 5:30, and I was still waiting for him!! I called his cell, and he made up this totally lame excuse that he was at a "buddie's" house, and he had no way of getting to me. So he said call me some other time! The nerve. I knew he was with another girl, I could hear her in the background asking who he was talkng to!! So I said, "I don't think so" and hung up. I haven't heard from him again thankfully!!
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Well, you can't always go by the don't date a guy from the bar thing. I met my hubby at the night club where I was going every week. Sad thing was, I actually though "Wow, new meat!" when he first showed up.
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My ex-girlfriend and I had broken up in Dec. 1991 and stayed friends through the years. In the Spring of '94 she was going to Chico State in CA and I was living down by L.A. at the time. She wanted to hook me up with her roommate. So we talked off and on for a couple weeks totally hitting it off and then she was coming home to L.A. for a week. Laura (my ex) made her up to be this most beautiful person. "Let's meet" I said and we both decided I could spend the night since it was a 2 hour drive.

I go to her door and it opens....I can't say, "Sorry wrong house" and split because Laura showed her pics of me. LITERALLY, and I mean LITERALLY, she looked like John Candy's twin. She didn't even look like a woman, except for the boobs. Being the nice guy I am, I spent the day with her but made up an excuse that "I forgot I told my buddy I would help him move" when the evening hit and got out of there. Of course, the first thing I do when I get home is call Laura and let her have it. Ironically, Laura and I get back together (for 2 months)that fall and I drive to Chico to visit over Labor Day. She, of course, still had the same roommate. They weren't getting along at this time. Her room was right next to Laura's so I know she heard Laura and I bumpin' ugly and knocking boots. The week after Thanksgiving '94 she becomes pregnant by a friend of hers and now lives near Seattle married to him and has 2 kids.
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I finally thought of one...I was rather overweight in high school, and not too I didn't date when this one rather popular guy asked me out..I was stunned and thrilled!!!

I told my parents who were overjoyed that I actually had a date...I was about 16. (This would have been about 1981 or 82)

I spent hours trying to look as good as possible for him that night...and wondering where he would take me. I assumed maybe dinner and a movie or something like that.

The time comes and he pulls into the driveway, and mom and dad are both waiting at the door to meet him, but he didn't get out of the car...just sat there and honked.(1st clue) So finally I went out to his car and got in, waving goodbye to my parents.

This was at 6:00. They told me to be home my midnight. I was sooooo excited!!!!
I asked him where we were going, but he was very evasive about answering that one. (2nd clue)
So then we drove 5 miles to this little tiny town, and he pulls up in front of this mexican restaraunt he worked was closed....they were only open for lunch, it was a very small place...

So he says he has to go inside and get something he left there in the basement and he wants me to go in with him, but keep an eye out for the cop, because he wasn't supposed to be in there after hours (3rd clue)

So in we go...and the basement is pitch black, and he says he can't turn the lights on or someone will know he's there.
Next thing I know he tackles me and throws me down to the floor, and starts madly grabbing and kissing me. He was very strong so it took all my strength to push him off....but I did. I told him I wasn't ready to do please stop!!!

So he gets up, and says, "well let's go then" so we get back to the car, and I presume we are going to continue with our date...but he suddenly says he sin't feeling well, and turns around and takes me home.
Imagine my parents surprise when I how up a half hour after I left!!! I didn't have the nerve to tell them what really happened, so I just said Brad got sick.
I went to my bedroom and bawled. I was so hurt. Of course he wouldn't look at me or speak to me at school on Monday.

What a butthole!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh, I forgot to add, I saw him years later, after I had lost weight and looked good, and he looked like crap, and he wanted to talk to me, and I acted like I had no clue who he was, and walked off!! HAHA
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I had one of those dates once. This guy whose mom I worked with had fixed me up with him arrives at my house (I was a senior in high school) and he comes up to the house wearing all denim and boots, smoking a cigarette (yes he was quite a bit older than me) Anyway, he gets upset when my father tells him No smoking, but he puts the cig out. He is in the air force, so my dad is kind to him (my dad was career Navy) David then takes me to the car and we drive to Long Beach supposedly to see a movie and have dinner. When we get by the small airport off the base, Dave snapped his fingers and told me he is sorry he "forgot something" and he needed to go to the airstrip and pick something up. We drive to this little shack, set out some distance from any of the hangars and he gets out and asks me if I want to see where he works. (dumbass me, no clue) gets out and we walk inside and the only thing in this shack is a cot. Next thing I know, he flips off the lights, throws me down and starts attacking me. I did the only thing I could do, and kneed him in the groin hard! I left him gasping for breath, I sprinted out of the shack and raced to the first building I came to. One of the mechanics was kind enough to call a good friend who came and got me and I got his shirt wet on the way home because I was so upset. I never saw David again except from a distance when he came to pick his mom up from work. And although she pressed me for details, I never told Sharon what her son tried to do to me that night.
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Oh Hissy, I wish I would have done that!!! (Kneed him in the groin, that is) Good job!!!
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OMG! I couldn't even imagine what I would do if someone tried to force themselves on me or rape me! I would probably be too scared and freeze up. I'm glad that I've never had to deal with alot of bad dates or even alot of boyfriends.
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Debby and Hissy,

I'm glad you got out of those situations in pretty good shape! It could've been a lot worse - shudder.

Ah, the young and dumb days. I remember once when I had an overzealous date - I pushed him away and called him a rug rat (this was way before the cartoon was on the scene ). I was kind of flustered and that's the word that just popped out of my mouth .
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I was 19 and, newly divorced. Went on a double date, with a girl and guy, from work. My date turned out to be an 18-year-old. We wound up, at a park, drinking beer. I had to keep fighting off the kid. Meanwhile, the other couple (in the backseat) were going at it, hot and heavy. THAT was my first and last blind date!
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I was working in Atlantic City that summer, trying to earn some extra money for college, and Joe, the lifeguard was really cute. He was on the rowing team at college, and quite a hunk. I was really surprised when my girlfriend came home and said he and the lifeguard she liked had invited us to a beach party! Well, guess how many people were at the party? Yep, just the four of us. My friend and her date "took a walk" and I spent the next fifteen minutes saying "no" in as many ways as I could think of. The next thing I knew Joe, all 200 pounds of him, was pinning me down. I was in a panic, but I put both arms under his chest and pushed harder than I had ever pushed in my life. Joe landed a few feet away, and after a pause, started laughing. "Do you know what you just did?", he asked. "Yeah, I pushed you off me." I stayed away from the beach for a few days, but eventually I returned to a lot of teasing about my honor being intact. It was years later, in fact not until I was married, that I realized I had done something that should have been impossible! It happened, however. I'm lucky Joe had a sense of humor, or was it fear?
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