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I took some pics of my Mums 7 month old Springer Spaniel Alfie last night, he's completely mental but so gorgeous!

And me and Alfie having a nice cuddle on the floor

He's a handful but he's so lovely
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Awww! That last pic is priceless!!
He IS gorgeous.. I Spaniels! Just look at those big floppy ears!!!!!
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What a gorgeous pooch!!

He looks very cuddly!!
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Originally Posted by Pombina

Alfie looks suspiciously at the camera!
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Oh my! I love Springer Spaniels!

So so cute!
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Awww Lauren what a sweet face he has He's got the same blankie as Rosie and Sophie as well
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What a cutie pie!
I lvoe Springer Spaniels they are great dogs!!
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What a handsome boy! I had a half spring spaniel for 16 years....how I miss that dog.
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Thanks everyone, he really is lovely. My Mum can't remember how she got by without a dog for all those years after our precious Polly died!
Alfie is just the sweetest and his little face has such an expression on it! He can be such a handful though. He's a pedigree and they were undecided about breeding him but have decided against it so he needs a little operation now and maybe he will calm down a little bit!
Mum says because I had the cats in her bedroom while I was back at the weekend he goes crfazy everytime he's in there
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