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Going to rescue a furball tomorrow

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Nope, not of the feline persuasion...

The Feed Store near me has a bunch of hamsters and today I noticed they had two young adult Syrians in a 10 gallon tank together. They're very solitary by nature, so they'd been fighting really badly being forced to live together in such small quarters..their ears are bloody and they have scars on their little faces.

Now, not many people would buy a beat up hamster, so i'm going to get one of them tomorrow in hopes that the other one will heal up and become more presentable. I mentioned that they should seperate them , but the worker didn't seem too worried.

I'm hoping I can still tame the poor litle guy, after his traumatic life so far. Anyone got any advice? I'm such a sucker for a fuzzball in need..:tounge2:
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You could call the poor Ham Rocky....or Ali......or Tyson.....Sorry, all I have ever done is guinea pigs and rabbits. But I am sure that this fella will be grateful for your act of kindness.
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I don't know much about hampsters but they're cute little buggers. Maybe you should contact the manager or the owner of the store and give them a friendly tip about how their animals are being kept.
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I'm going to speak to them about it when I go get the little guy tomorrow.

I just feel that he'll have a hard time getting 'adopted' looking the way he does. Theres one who obviously is the 'loser' in these fights, he looks so miserable. Maybe I will name him Ali
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We're thinkin of getting Kylee one for her birthday....
Something to consider though...

Male hamster grow VERy large (insert nice word for testicles here), so it might help avoiding questions by getting a female...

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Did you know you can get even hamsters neutered? The sugar glider has gone to live with my ex now, but the breeder had a vet that would neuter him for us, once he was big enough. He's only about the size of a hamster or a hedgehog, so . . .
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The dr at the clinic where I work neuters rodents. I remember having to neuter 5 mice because the owners wanted to keep them in with the females to keep the family together....
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That must be a verrrrry teeny snip

Well, the plan for today has changed somewhat- I don't even have a cage for dear hammie yet, so I'm going to speak to the owner about seperating the two fighters (give her a nicely put lecture on how hamsters are solitary animals) and if that goes well, I'll adopt little scarface when I have the ability to get him a proper cage if he hasn't already been taken. The girl I spoke to yesterday about it seemed genuinely ignorant of the fact that hamsters will fight, possibly to the death if housed together as adults.

Wish me luck, I hope they listen or I may end up with a hamster in a plastic tote bin for a few weeks :laughing:
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Bah! Pet shop people don't know what they're talking about half the time nor could they care less(not all though, I have met some really helpful ones). A client was asking me about what would be a good starter snake for her young son and the pet shop had suggested Ball python. Well if they knew anything about the snake they'd know that granted it's a docile snake but sometimes they'll just stop eating for no reason and will starve themselves to death. Then you have to force feed them and I don't think that's something a 9 year old should have to do with his first pet.......

A lot of times they'll say anything to sell the animal.
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Good news!! The pet store agreed to seperate the fighting hammies and to house each hamster that comes in on its own from now on

I know its a small thing, but I'm happy for the hamsters that will finally have peace and quiet.

Btw, I have one of them on hold- a sweet little girl who is being housed in her own cage until I can pick her up next weekend My daughter has already named her Cookie
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Congrats on the new addition Melissa! I'm sure the kitties will love the new entertainment you are bringing home for them, too. :tounge2:
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Yeah! You rescued the hamsters from killing themselves. I used to have hamsters growing up and they really do need to be alone. They just like to lay there or run on their exercise wheel. And they LOVE to hoard their food. We had 2 cages that were connected with tubes and she would love to go from one to the other. Another thing to look into getting is a plastic ball that she can run around the house in. My hampster always loved running around in one. Let us know how everything goes.
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Oh, I'm sure little Cookie will be as spolied as the rest of my pets :

I saw a neat thing at the pet store- it was called 'Ham-Track' and was an exercise ball that follows a track you lay out. It was so cute :rainbow: They also had a little car that was powered by the hammie running in an exercise ball in the middle! The things people think of :laughing:

I even saw a hamster potty there! Like a teeny little litterbox, it even uses scoopable cat litter and has a tiny little scoop with it

Ok...enough for now. I just LOVE adding fuzzballs to my furfamily- can you tell??
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Definitely get the hamster ball!

The sugar glider chases the dog around in his new house. he used to chase our cats. he was safe of course because they couldn't unscrew the lid to get to him.
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Oh Melissa!!! That was GREAT of you to get them to seperate those poor hamsters!!!! And congrats on little Cookie!!!

I don't have any right now, but usually I have at least one hamster in the house... one time, about 10 years ago, when I was married to my first husband, I had 14 hamsters...all seperated into groups that got along fine and didn't fight. Usually females were okay together, but males had to be seperated, with a few exceptions....I had two brothers...Freddy and Barney who were together from birth and got along famously!! They were teddy bear hamsters.

Gosh....now I am starting to want another hamster! It's been 2 years since I have had one, because I got into the duprasi and hedgehogs instead.
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Forgot to add...a 10 gallon aquarium makes a perfect cage for one or two hamsters....and you don't need a lid...they can't jump out, as long as you don't pile the wood chips too high! And they LOVE kleenex in their cage, to make nests out of!!! Don't forget to add veggies to her diet, along with the regular food....and I don't like Hartz hamster food....(the green round chunks), they aren't very healthy for them, according to my vet that is what caused the early demise of some of mine.

Lettuce is one of their favorites! But not every day, or they get diarreah.
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What's a duprasi?
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Thanks for the tips Debby :rainbow:

I recently joined a Hamster message board and I've asked them a zillion questions so far :laughing: Thank goodness they are patient people

I found out from them I should be using Carefresh bedding ( rather than pine chips) and that most hamster mixes sold in pet stores aren't that great for hammies. Apparently they add dyes and such to make it look better to humans and there is usually a high ratio of sunflower seeds which can make hammies fat. They suggested Harry the Hamster brand food. I found out that she should get veggies/fruit a few times a week, but not citrus fruit or tomatoes as they are toxic, and they also mentioned going easy on lettuce- Who'd have thought there would be so much to know? :confused3:

The feed store owners think I'm nuts asking them to order in all sorts of special things for little Cookie, but I feel if I can't provide the best environment for her, I shouldn't get her ( and thats not an option )

I think I'm more excited than my daughter at this point :LOL:
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