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Giving birth outside of a hospital

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Do you know anyone who has given birth outside of a hospital? My father was born at home 74 years ago tomorrow.........I think the only time they probably do that now is if they don't make it to the hospital!
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My brother's best friend was born in the ambulance on the way there! So his place of birth on the birth certificate is: Half way down Uxbridge road!
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Two of my three children were born at home. It is so much more relaxed in your own home. They were both big boys One 8.12lbs one 9.6lbs, no stitches or any unnecessary medical intervention.

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My fiance Jeff used to fly an air amulance in Northern Ontario and one day one of the crew's had a woman give birth at 16,000 feet inbetween Ear Falls and Sioux Lookout!
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
My fiance Jeff used to fly an air amulance in Northern Ontario and one day one of the crew's had a woman give birth at 16,000 feet inbetween Ear Falls and Sioux Lookout!

Oh my!!! Now that's something!
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I know a gal who had all of her children at home with a midwife.
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My dad was born in 1900. (He was 30 yrs older than my mom) Well, back then people were born at home. But not my dad. His dad wanted to go fishing, so he took my grandmother with him and made camp on a sandbar in the middle of the Mississippi River. He went off fishing and when he got back, he had a son.
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Lots of babaies are born at home in the UK, if that is what the mother wants and if the midwife thinks there will be no complications. I wanted to have my daughter at home but I was told that because I was 31(old!!!) and it was a first baby, that it would be safer in hospital. In the event I drove myself to hospital when the contractions started and was home again in 48 hours.
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I had my 3rd child in an ambulance by the corner of my street lol. Almost didnt make it out my house. But her birth certificate says the hospital as her birth place lol
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En ex boyfriend of mine delivered his son at home, 10 years ago.
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My boss delivered his 4th daughter (he has 6) at home in the bathroom! He wanted to name her John.
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My cousin was back in 1985. My aunt is gay, chose artificial insemination and had her at home. Pretty unusual all in all. I don't think I know anyone else.
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Only my grandparent's I think. My Grandma used to think Chickens brought babies because of some story one of her brother's told her when my youngest great aunt was being born. My other grandmother was told a similar story by her brother except this time the doctor had the baby in his medical bag! Brothers! Ya gotta love em right!?!

I think I would like to have my kids at home. My cousin is an RN and worked Labor and Delivery at the last hospital she was at. She moved but is trying to get back into that unit ASAP and eventually become a midwife. I would like her to deliver my kids. I totally trust her and that would be just so much more personal. Right now I live less than a mile from a hospital too. So if I do deliver at home, I'm still not all that far from emergency medical care. Of course my plan is still to hold off on kids till 2010, so I guess things could change right?
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There is a really neat birthing center in the town I just moved from. You can read all about it here I took a tour of it once and it was awesome. I went to church with the medical director's wife and he was a super nice and excellent doctor. Most of the births are attended by a midwife. It's a very homelike setting and not nearly as expensive as hospital birth. The hospital was just a few minutes away, in case of emergency. I'm all about birthing centers. I'm also all about having my husband deliver our baby if we ever have one. He wants to (he's an emt and soon to be paramedic). He hasn't delivered any babies yet, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time.
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2 or 3 people from work have done the home birthing thing with midwives and a Doula (birth helper). Personally I prefer the hospital with ready access to drugs, but home births are actually on the rise!
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It is getting more popular here in South Africa because midwives are used more now than before and they are starting to recommend it for those who have a "normal" pregnancy. I went to hospital cause my little guy decided he wanted to be born early
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