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What's for lunch today? 3/19......

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I'm having leftover homemade macaroni & cheese from lastnight
It's good though! The cats think so too.....

So what are you having for lunch today??
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Im skipping lunch today. We're headed down to my families soon for a family dinner and I know I'll eat too much then!
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snack food as am hung over and feeling sorry for myself!
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Originally Posted by maverick_kitten
snack food as am hung over and feeling sorry for myself!
I second that!
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Leftover Cheeseburger chowder, Dr Pepper and some chocolate chip cookie dough!!
And I wonder why my clothes are tight...........
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i had noodles for brunch
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white rice.

I got a rice cooker for Christmas and I'm so hooked! I've been eating WAY too much rice lately.
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I made turkey lettuce wraps. Lately I've been stuck on them, they are quick and easy and virtually fat free! Oh, and yummy!
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A handful of Keebler's Grasshopper cookies. (I have large hands. )
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Scones (left from yesterday's brunch) with fruit and cheese.
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I had invited my neighbor over for lunch and to watch a movie on today (anyone ever see "The LIbrarian: Quest For The Spear"? -- great fun brain candy movie) so I got a bit creative, and here was a perfect place to brag.

I made spinach and mushroom crepes with cheese sauce and salad with poppyseed dressing.

However, truth be told, I like gemlady's lunch better.
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Lunch was leftover caramelized summer squash, zucchini, and onion! And some bread leftover from a local Italian place! And a few bites of spaghetti DH didn't finish.
post #13 of 13, I didn't have lunch today really! We were at a wrestling tourny for my cousin, so we had breakfast b4 we went, but I had some skittles from the consession stand around noonish!

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