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Something I'd like to share.

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My sister sent me an excerpt from a book by James Van Pragh.

"Animals survive death. When animals pass into the world of spirit, they
accept their transition very much as a natural occurrence. We could
certainly learn from them. I have often been asked, "Where does my loving
pet go?" Our pets also go to a heaven world. They go to a very beautiful,
physical type of world - the same place occupied by humans. When an animal
passes, it is met by the human being(s) with whom it had rapport while on
earth. If no one is available, or if an animal didn't share its earth
experience with a human, it is often met by animal caretakers. These
keepers are generous, loving souls who watch over our pets until a family
member with strong love ties to the pet joins it in the spirirt world. More
than likely, animal caretakers are people who adored animals on earth. It is
fairly common for your newly departed animal to come back to its earthly
place of residence. More than likely it will sit on the same chair, sleep
in the same spot, and watch you very closely. It remembers the kindness and
love it received from you on earth, and it will often return to watch over
and protect you."

This helped me so much and made so much sense. Hemi's pillow still sits empty. Boots sat on if for a few minutes then looked over and got down. Maggie still sits either on the arm of the chair or the seat looking up as if he were there. I've always felt that cats are the most intuative animal out there. If any of you believe in spirits like I do then you'll understand. I believe his spirit is still on his pillow and the other cats can see him.

Most of you are going to think I'm nuts but I truly do believe in spirits and there is always someone watching over us. So this passage hit home for me. I hope it helps anyone else. If I can help one person the way you all helped me I'll be happy.

With all my love and thanks.
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Hi Laurie,

Thank you for posting that. It helps me to read things like this. I am losing a very special cat to CRF, she has been with me for 17 years. It's like a big chunk of your life is getting ready to break away.

Hemi was with you a long time. He had a full life of love, and bonding. I am sure he is watching over you, and your family.

Cyber hugs
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Laurie thats lovely. I'm sure it will help a lot of people in here.
I agree with you and would like to think Hemi is sitting in his chair and the other cats can see him. They are very clever animals.
I'm glad this has made things a little easier for you as you cope with your grief
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You know, I don't generally believe in superstition, but my cats get playful and kind of nuts and will get to the highest of shelves and whatnot in their quest to knocvk everything over. The one thing they have never even tried to get up near is Lola's ashes in the pretty wooden urn and her claypaw. It's as though they know to respect her final resting spot, even though Raph and Grace never had the pleasure to know their late "sister".

Very lovely.
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Laurie that was lovely!

A friend of mine lost one of her 5 cats two years ago, and 3 days after bumper died Emma swears to this day that when she was in bed she could feel Bumper lying across her legs like he used to, and this gave her the sign that he was ok
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This is very comforting to anyone who has recently lost a beloved pet, or who knows the time is coming. I still look for my Candy at times, perhaps because her spirit is still beside me.

Thank you for sharing.

May your memories of Hemi comfort you. I know all too recently exactly how you feel.
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