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Second cat?

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I've recently adopted a kitten. Not exactly sure how old she is as she was found in a garbage can but probably around 9 weeks. I am now considering getting a second kitten for her to grow up with but would like everyone's opinions on this. I can afford to care for another kitten and would love to have two eventually, but the things is I am moving in July and thought maybe I should wait until after the move? Or should I get one now so they can grow up together and bond better, then have eachother for company during the move? I will probably have to wait until April to get one anyways as there aren't many kittens around at the moment. If I waited until July, at which point my kitten would be about 6 months, will she be less likely to form a good bond with another cat? Thanks for any advice!
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I'd say have a look for one now, there should be some around though in April there will be a lot more.

Cats are social animals and two, believe it or not, are less trouble than one in many ways as the keep each other entertained and burn out their kittenish energy!

I shouldnt think that there would be a problem waiting until 6 months if you need too.
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Thanks for your reply. Is two cats much more work than one? What is the best way to ensure I get two cats who get along?
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I've got two, and to be honest, it's easier as they entertain each other.

The costs are a lot more, but thats about it.

I'd say try to get one with a similar personality to your current kittens. eg. if your kittens energetic and playful, dont get a lazy sleep loving kitten! lol

At 9 weeks old it should be eay to intergrate them as they just want to play play play from my experience.

NB. If you do get a new kitten, dont get one any younger than 8-10 weeks, most breeders reccomend a 12 week old one but they may be harder to find (my local shelter adopts them out from 8 weeks old and kittens get rehomed quickly). The older the kitten, the better idea you have of their personality too, and they will be more 'cat socialised' as they would have learnt manners from their mummy and will get on better with the resident cat.
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Definitely add a second now. The younger they both are when you do it the faster and easier they will bond.
And IMO taking care of two is easier than taking care of one- they entertain each other, stimulate each other, and you don't feel nearly as guilty leaving them alone.

I just added a third five month old to my original pair of five month old brothers- and the entertainment value alone of multiple kittens is rewarding in itself.
Never a dull moment in my house.
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I think getting another one now would be a great idea.
Look around at your local shelters for one close to her age, kittens usually get along pretty well. Remember kittens are crazy little things though and will get into everything. You house needs to be kitten proof. Getting another to grow up with her would be nice, and they can become best friends. I would either get another female or else if you decide to get a male, they will have to be spayed and neutered fairly soon, as they are old enough. It would not be advised to wait until 5 or 6 months like some vets require. She can get pregnant suprisingly young.
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Thanks for all the advice. I was thinking of a male actually because I heard the dynamics are often best between opposite sex, has anyone else heard this? My girl will be spayed in 4 weeks so that isn't an issue.
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Personality matters more than the sex imho.
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How can you really tell personality? Meeka, my kitten, seems quite playful and hyper, but aren't all kittens like this? Is there some sort of test you can do like with dogs? Do I just choose whatever kitten is most active?
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Also, Meeka would probably be 12 weeks when I get my second kitten, as there are no kittens anywhere right now. My local SPCA usually adopts out at 8 weeks, will a month age gap make a big difference?
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They should be fine

Just look for an active, energetic kitten.

Maverick was a spitfire whe she was a kitten whilst Jupiter was like a large furry slug. He didnt move much and loved sleeping!

(They are mother and son so I didnt have to worry about introductions etc..)

So they do differ in personality. Describe Meeka to their foster parent and ask which they think would get along best with her.
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I'd try to adopt a kitten around the same age. It really doesn't matter much. And you can adopt now or wait. Cats under 2 yr old usually have no problems adjusting to "one more". As long as all the cats are spayed/neutered, they'll get along.

Look for a mellow type of personality in either male or female - they seem to have the least problems with adjustment on both sides
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Thanks so much for the advice! What about a 9 month old stray? There is one that has been hanging around for a while, the only reason I know his age is because a neighbor saw him around as a kitten last summer. He actually lives with her now as she feeds and shelters 13 strays. I also feed the strays (I live in an aweful neighborhood for cats) and this one guy comes around quite a bit and I have been thinking of adopting him. Is 9 months to 9-10 weeks too big an age gap? I can't introduce them until my girl is fully vaccinated which isn't until May so I would be taking a chance they'd get along, and miss getting a kitten for her to play with in the mean time! What do you guys think?
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