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Tuffy is nuts this morning,,,

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Hi, I have a bird feeder outside my bedroom window and Tuffy will lay and watch the birds all the time. But this morning he has been going nuts over the birds, he sits and chirps at them with his tail going like mad and he runs from the window to the bed and back to the window like he wants me to come look so I get up and look and there is a big robin sitting there. Its the first one I have seen this spring and it must be Tuffy's also.

Just when I think I know Tuffy and all his actions he does something new. I sometimes think he is a full grown kitten instead of a full grown cat.

The bird feeder is only about 3 feet from the window hanging on a pole so the birds are real close for the cats to watch. There is a couple of nuthatches here all the time so they must have a nest real close but Tuffy don't react much to them but he sure wanted at the big robin this morning.
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LOL Zakk does the same thing with the birds. He wants at them soo bad!!!
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Mine do that too! I love their little chirps they do. "Come here little birdie, I want to play with you."

Heck, Piper and Chester sit at the patio door watching the leaves blowing! They don't chirp but they sit there with their tails going like crazy, pawing at the window.
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Many years ago when I first moved out on my own I lived in a old farm house and I ended up with my first cat when he showed up at my brothers house in about -20 weather so I took him home with me. He ended up loosing half of one of his ears and about 1 1/2" from his tail from frost bite. At the time I knew nothing about cats and how to really care for them other than food and water and litter box. Well he grew into a big kitty that got real fat because I was working all day and he was all alone in the house. So one day I rigged up a deal so he could come and go as he pleased. He lost allot of weight and was a tuff kitty and plus he would go outside to go potty so I didn't go through much litter. Anyways he would some how catch birds or chipmonks and bring them into the house for some reason still alive, so there were plenty of times I would come home to be greeted by a redwing black bird or some other bird flying around the house. I had him a long time till someone went out of there way to run him over as he walked along the ditch in front of our house. I had a real good idea who did it but I couldn't prove it and causing a big confrontation wouldn't bring him back. It wasn't long after my cat got run over in the ditch the people across the road had it happen to there little dog, probably be the same worthless garbage who ran over my cat.
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Sorry for the post above, A good way to kill a fun topic.

Tuffy has been in the window allot these last few days just watching the birds and bunny rabits and anything else that catches his eye. Tonight just before dark there was a squirrel just outside the window and Tuffy looked like he was ready just to go out and beat the crap out of it.

Lately it seems his mission in life is to watch the birds, eat, sleep and watch the birds some more. Even if the wind moves the bird feeder he makes a beeline to the window to see whats going on.
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