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Oh dear

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Decided to let Casey have an hour or two out of her room earlier, and her and Molly had a fight. When I got downstairs, Tom was also in the vicinity (so I thought it was Tom she had had a go at), he must have been keeping an eye on them!! Just about managed to get Casey back in her room without getting scratched, but Molly was very hissy spitty for ages after (she just about tolerated me touching her ears, so I rubbed some RR on them). I do hope this is a one off, and if not, that Casey finds a home soon - she has been here 3 weeks today, so only one more week before she can go on the rehoming page.
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Hope relationships improve these coming days, for Casey's sake.
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Oh, that is so hard when the fosters won't integrate with the resident cats! Best of luck with this!
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I know - esp when she hates being in her room, but can't be trusted when out of the room - although there is only Molly she doesn't like.
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