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Something is seriously wrong here.

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I am going to call the shelter today and see if they can make an appointment for Checkers on Monday.. because I have no idea whats wrong with her.

For the past few days she's been.... off balance is a way to put it. Almost like vestibular disease? Minus the tilted head. Depends on what she's doing that her eyes look sort of weird.. but she is definatly off balace.

Last night it was worse then it has been the past few days. She couldn't even get into the litterbox without falling over. I had to help her in, and then help her back out. Then at 4am she woke me up, scratching on the carpet.. she eitehr managed to get in the litterbox and missed, or couldn't get in so just pooped on the floor. I picked it up and flushed it down the toilet. It didn't occer to me to look at the poop until after. Because two days ago I noticed she had a little bit of blood in her stool. I didn't think anything of it.. just figured she had worms.

So after I clean it up.. she was walking around the room, she's in heat so she's sort of restless, then I patted part of the bed beside me so she would jump up and I'd pet her and calm her down a bit.. she manged to jump up alright.. but she tehn wanted to sit on the other sit of me.. so she jumped over me.. but instead of stopping her running jump.. she kept on going and ran head on into the wall. I pet her and made she she was alright.. and she went and lie by the window. That happened 3 more times within an hour.

I highly doubt this is usual for a cat thats just had kittens.. could it just be that she's weak? She's eating Hills Prescription Diet PD.. I stopped giving her the KMR because she stopped drinking it.. should I get some wet food for her to eat as well as the kibble?
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Sounds like something is wrong. I would see if she could see a vet today. Hopefully the balance issue is as minor as an ear infection...but I really don't know from the odd symptoms. Is she still caring for the kittens?
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Yes, she is still doing a good job. She doesn't spend as much time with them now as she used to, but they are getting older.
Their vet is closed on Sundays, so I don't know if they can get her in.. Unless they drive for an hour or so to take her to an emergency vet out of town.
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This is definitely not normal. I would strongly recommend taking her to the emergency vet today.
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I've tried getting ahold of someone.. no luck as of yet. I'll continue trying to call.. and take my dog for a walk later and stop by and see if anyone is in.

I took the babies out of the box and put them on a towel on the floor. I need to wash all the blankets. And she's been doing better since then.
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Is she getting enough to drink? Is she possibly dehydrated?
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It almost sounds like some sort of poisoning to me. FYI, keep your cats and any other pets you may have away from moth balls. We didn't realize this was so toxic, and we sprinkled some in between our yard and neighbors (to keep our cats out of his yard), anyway, not realizing they were so toxic or toxic at all, our pregnant mama cat lost all her babies. I'm sure it was from the moth balls. Take care.
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She also could have a kitten inside and instead of absorbing the kitten her body is turning toxic please get her to the vet quickly
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She's awefully skinny to have a kitten left inside.. it's been over 2 weeks since she delivered.

Thats one of the first things I checked for, was dehydration.. and she seems to be alright there.

Also, she's confined to a bedroom with literally nothing in it but the bed, dresser, a toychest and then her stuff, litter box, food, water etc etc.

I wasn't able to get ahold of anyone yesterday.. but they are open today.. so I will call or go down and have them book her an appointment.
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Most vets will take work-ins. I would just bring her down straight away. Its an emergency situation so you shouldn't need an appointment. Do you know if she passed all the placentas? There certainly could be an infection... Or maybe an ear infection (you can hope for an ear infection!). It does sound a lot like poison as well... Have you cleaned lately? Maybe she licked up something?

Is it sporadic, in episodes or is it constant? If its sporadic then it could also be a seizure as felines will do really strange things like running into walls if its a seizure.

Thats all I could think of. Let us know how it goes.
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I have no idea what it could be but please keep us updated!!! good luck!
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Took her to the vets this afternoon... and it is what I had originally thought. She has Vistibular disease.. =\\ there's nothing we can do about it either.. just pray it doens't get worse.
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Did the vet have any idea for the reason for the Vestibular Disease? Idopathic Vestibular Disease has a good prognosis.
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Not that he told me.. he may have told the recue owner while I was in the waiting room.. but I don't know. He couldn't really examine her very well because she was VERY upset.. she almost bit him a few times.. and it took me almost an hour to calm her down when we got home. Now she's freaked out.. she hisses at everyone except me.. I'll talk to mum about adopting her.. I don't want to send her back to the shelter and her get even worse and die.. =\\ as far as I know, its not contagious...
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I'm so sorry about the news you got about Checkers

I'm not familiar with the disease, but I'll send lots of good vibes her way, lets hope that everything goes okay.

Do you think you will be able to adopt her?

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I don't know.. depends on how much begging I do. Also depends on their mood. I don't know if they can spay her if she has it.. and if they can't then she'd have to stay confined to a bedroom unil Orion is neutered.
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Vestibular disease is often caused by something as simple as a bacterial or fungal infection. In a young and otherwise healthy cat, this is often what it is - it's basically an out of control ear infection. Ask the vet about this. It may be fairly simple to treat.

She will probably need some help with her kittens. She may be able to nurse them without trouble but may need help grooming them. Pick them up a few times a day and stimulate their genitals and bums with a warm, moist cotton pad to help them urinate and defecate.
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Yeah, I've hand raised many bottle babies.. I know all about stimulating them. I used wash clothes though.

So far she's grooming them quite well... she isn't nursing them as much as she should be.. so I will go out and see about getting a syringe and try yet again to feed them.. but they won't take to it.

She's being VERY clingy after the visit... I fell asleep on the bed for about an hour.. and when I fell asleep she was pressed right up against me.. and when I woke up an hour later she was in teh exact same position, sleeping. I crawled under teh bed and she followed my under and nursed the babies.. then I left and she was still with them half hour later.. so hopefully she will stay with them now.. She deserves breaks and all.. but I get worried when shes not with them for an hour or so. Maybe I'm justa worry wort.
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You can put a heat disc in with the kittens so they have that heat. They're definitely fine without her for an hour or so. After all, orphans are alone between feedings and that can be 4-6 hours. They're fragile in many ways, but also tougher than they look.

What a good mama to still want to nurse her babies after all that.
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Yeah.. she's a good mum it took a bit of coaxing to get her to sit still .. but she is pretty calm n ow. Though she gets upset if anyone enters the room. other than me.. maybe because when I open teh door and start walking in, I tlak to her. usually.. 'Hey Momma.'

I just went in and looked in on her and she was with the kittens.. though when she saw me she got up and came to me. She's so attached to me now.. I hope we can keep her :S
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Did the vet give you any indication of whether or not this is temporary? Can you treat with either anti-fungal or antibiotic in the ears topically or orally? Does it do any good? Just thinking aloud ...
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I took her to a new foster home today. Mum said I was getting to attached to Checkers and she wanted them out.
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Oh dear ... well, I know she appreciated your care of her while she was there.
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That's too bad. Sorry you couldn't keep her, but now she and her kittens have a good chance of getting new homes because you took them in until she delivered them.
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