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Don't mean to sound like a commercial here, but I LOVE this stuff!!!

They make it for dogs and for cats...it kills fleas, flea eggs and ticks for one month, and all you do is squirt it on the skin on their knecks.

Last weekend my step-daughter told me my dog Scruffy had ticks really bad...I went and looked, and sure enough...he had...I'm not kidding...about 40 ticks in each ear!!!! And some of them were the really big ones!!!! UUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!!!
So I went and got the frontline (I had one vial left from last summer) and put it on him, and the next morning I checked, and there wasn't one single tick in either ear!

I went in today and got more for the rest of my babies!

Just thought maybe someone would be interested in knowing about it. I get it at the vets....it comes in a 6 month supply, according to their weight, but my vet will sell me one or two or three vials seperate, so it is cheaper than buying a 6 month supply.
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I love Frontline!! I had taken my dog to the woods in a tick infested park of town(I didn't realize this untill we got out there) and since she has a black coat, finding the little buggers is almost impossible. So we went to bed and she slept on her white sheep skin bed so in the morning when she woke up there were at least 15 dead ticks laying on the bed!
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You 'might' not even need that much. But its good to have around if you need it. I put some on Asim and Isha about 4+ months ago have not seen a flea/tick anything sense.

I only put one treatment on them, they aren't outdoor cats and during the colder months you don't have to worry to much about active fleas.

I only put it on if I see fleas.
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Actually Frontline does not come in Heartworm form.
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Revolution does everything .... fleas ticks ear mites and heartworms...

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Revolution doesn't take care of ticks... Which is why it flopped in my area. The Revolution rep came in trying to get everyone to change from frontline to Revolution by throwing in a free tick collar.

Unless Revolution just came out with new stuff that takes care of ticks... Then we'll be seeing him again.
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I LOVE Frontline! We use the all over spray because it seems to work better than the neck treatment. I let the neighborhood strays in to eat, so we have to be vigilent about treating the furbabies in the Spring/Summer.
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My friend bought some of that Revolution somewhere, and she said it does take care of ticks as well, but I really don't know for sure, because my vet doesn't carry it. I think I will just stick to frontline, but it would be nice to have the worms taken care of at the same time!
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Really? Maybe they came out with a new formula since last year. I remember my boss buying a ton of it because he figured it'd fly out of there but when he learned that you had to put a tick collar on the animal for it to take care of ticks he sent it all back.

Since then we just carry the frontline and that works just fine.
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This may sound like a dumb question, but if cats don't ever go outside, can they ever get fleas? If they can where can they get them from?
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They can Sarah but it's not that big of a problem for them as outside cats. I put the frontline on my cats in the begining of the season and for fleas it can last up to 3 months so that takes care of them.

They can get them from you if you bring them in or if you have a dog they can catch them from them too. I've heard they can get them just from sitting in the windows but I'm not sure on that.
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I love Frontline too, but over here it costs a small fortune..... worth it though
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I can atttest that an indoor cat CAN get fleas. When we got Sunshine last year, she was indoor only. We also kept her inside at the beginning, but about 3 months after we had her we noticed she had fleas. Also the kittens got them ( from her I assume). Once she was treated we never saw another one again. Now, I just treat her even though she doesn't have them anymore, just to prevent them since she goes out now.
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