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Texan cat lover

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I am an animal-lover, a volunteer who rescues, feeds, and cares for homeless cats. I search for wonderful new homes for abandonded or unwanted pets. I spay/neuter all pets. My mission is no more homeless pets.
I currently have a petition going against a shelter that kills cats unneccessarily and need signatures, please support my cause.

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i have very mixed feeling on that sometimes our shelter here is a no kill shelter the prob is there are quite a few cats and dogs that have been there more then 2 years. if they were not in very small cages by them self and had a chance to run play jump it would be better but they sit in small cages day after day year after year im not sure what would be better. also the shelter is full so they dont take many new animals and they also charge people to bring them in so most unwanted animals are put out on the street. but seeing the condition of our shelter sometimes i think putting them to sleep would be more humane then letting them just sit there like that it breaks my heart to go see them that way.
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