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Airprincess - were you close to the tornado???

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Hey Colby, I was wondering if the F5 tornado that hit Maryland was anywhere close to you? Are you okay?

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I talked to her this morning, and all she said was she is coming down with a bad cold. I didn't know about the bad weather and didn't mention it and neither did she.
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Oh, I'm so glad she's okay! I heard about it on my way home from work, and I immediately thought of her! Thanks for letting me know, Hissy!
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Glad to hear she's okay...sorry about the cold, though, Colby...hope you feel better soon!
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I have been up to my eyeballs in work all day and didn't see this thread until MA shook me.... :laughing:

We had nasty storms yesterday but thankfully the tornado didn't touch down near me. It touched down about 35 minutes away.

That was so sweet of you Jin to start this thread
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Thanks Debby! Hopefully I can kick this soon
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The tornado was actually an F4 I believe. I'm also about 35 minutes from there. It was closed to several of my friends houses.

I hope their 'outdoor kitties' (grrrr) are ok!
Apparently all the windows were blown out in one of my friends houses, but his car in the drive way was fine, but most the neighbors around him had horrible damage done to their houses.

Strange things those tornados are.
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They listed the tornado last night as an F5, the worst there is.

Colby, I was going to call you but Hissy said you are getting a cold so I thought I'd let you rest!! hahaha, you must have caught it from me right thru the phone lines!!
Feel better soon!!
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Aha!!!! That's where I got it from!
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I am so glad everything is ok. I hope all the kitties in the area are also fine!
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I heard about the tornado. I'm glad everyone is ok. Where about did the tornado touch down? Hubby's dad and stepmom live just outside of D.C. in McLean, VA.
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Actually it was a 4.5 that's what I just heard on the news here on a recap.
It happened in Leplata (sp) MD. I try not to listen to the news about this stuff but it happened at my friends house, so that's why I know.
I think Leplata is ... I dunn 45 minute, hour away? something like that.
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Glad to hear you are okay. I couldn't get on this morning and then when I was reading the newspaper at lunch I saw an article about it. Take care of yourself and get lots of rest.
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