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Wondering if my mommy cat is okay

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My three year old cat, Tifa had her four beautiful baby kittens last night. I had prepared somewhere for her to have them, but of course she had her own idea's and had them under my bed...This is not a safe place for them to be (seeing as that part of my room is very very messy right now) so I carefully and quickly moved them back to the box. They are all healthy and activly suckling..and mewing alot I might add. My problem is my female...She seems to be bleeding an awful lot...But I'm not sure if she's passed the afterbirth yet...She's still a little big so there might even be another kitten on the way..I'll be taking her into the vets office Monday, unless something drastic happens like more bleeding, panting etc...But I'm wondering if I should be quite as worried as I am..She's a very small cat, I'm woundering if something could have been torn in labor and if so, is there anything I can do for her before the trip to the vet to make this situation better. My second question is regarding the kittens themselves...They all seem to be healthy and happy...but one of them isn't suckling as much as the others and spends 99% of its time sleeping...Should I be worried and proceeding to feed it a formula...If I could help it, I'd really like to have all four kittens survive.

Thank you
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Congrats on the babies! I'll bet they are very, very sweet.

As for the bleeding, a little bleeding after delivery is normal, a few drops here and there - but heavy bleeding is not normal and is considered an emergency.

Regarding the little kitten ... do you have a kitchen scale that weighs in grams/ounces? If so, then begin weighing the kittens daily to chart their progress. It is the best way to determine whether or not a baby is getting the appropriate amount of nutrition from Mom. If you don't think the baby is thriving or if Mom shoves her away without attending the baby, something is wrong and it is nature's way of allowing Mom to save her resources for the stronger babies. Supplementation with KMR or goat's milk will be necessary.
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More than a few drops of blood is definitely a big problem and needs immediate medical intervention. If something was torn, it is a medical emergency or else she could die.

A kitten who is less active than his siblings is definitely a cause for concern. Try to supplement with commercial kitten formula, but be prepared that a weak kitten may not make it no matter what you do. You should see all kittens suckling about the same amount, though not necessarily at the same time. Generally, trust your instincts. If you think something might be wrong, then there is a good chance that something actually is wrong and a visit to the vet is the best way to go in that case.
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Did moma kitty get a trip to the vets yesterday? I hope all is well with mom and babies. Let us know how she is doing, the bleeding has got me concerned and i'm worrying about her.
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As it turns out...The reason why my mommy cat was still bleeding was because there was an unborn kitten that still had to be born...Unfortunatly this one was not properly develloped and was stillborn..It was on a weird angle and she had problems pushing it out..As for the little one..It is now eating on its own...For the first few days I gave it the supplement just because it was having troubles fighting its way to a spot to suckle, but he/she is healthy and plump now, and the rest are great as well..Actually they are all curled up and asleep right now..My male 7 month old kitten loves to sneak into the box when mommy's not there and just lay with the kittens and act as their guardian..It's so cute. Of course we moniter him very closely so that nothing happens but it's a very sweet thing to witness. We opted for getting their shots insted of the full blown checkup (since she is very active, eating regularily and so on) so that once this is over we can get her in to be fixed (Seph is first and will be done April 8th since there are no openings at the clinic till then, *sigh* Cat mating season it is again, lol) Thank you for your concern and advice, I post pics of the kittens when their eyes have opened and Tifa's not so anxious.

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I'm so happy to hear the littlest kitten is doing well! Good work on your part.
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