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Sash is sleeping away in the wing chair on top of a big blanket, pretty soon though he will be coming into the computer room and demanding his food very loudly like he does everynight!
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Sash just finished eating his canned food and then he scratched the footstool and mommy yelled, now he's taking another nap.
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Originally Posted by babyharley
We just home from being gone all weekend so Harley is next to me purring like crazy - he missed me!
Any signs a wild party?
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Lazy felines...they're all sleeping.
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Demanding more food
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Racing around the apartment all beserk-like. I think someone needs playtime.
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Sleeping on the dining chair cloest to the computer table.

(someones a bit miffed they got "kicked off" the lap)
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Everyone's asleep...Leo is on the top of the cat tree, Raphie is in the big dog basket-turned cat bed and Gracie is on the pile of blankets at the foot of my bed.
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Originally Posted by gemlady
Any signs a wild party?
Not that I can tell!

I quizzed him when we got home, he promised there were no kitty visitors... he could be lying, but thats okay, he's too cute

Right now Harley is eating - go figure! Next is bed time, hopefully he's nice and full and ready for a good night sleep (At least thats what I'm hoping for!)
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Right now, Precious is on the Ping-Pong table, sleeping, and Sweetie is on my bed- sleeping
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Right now Jack Daniels is curled up by my pillow. He must be worried about something because he only sleeps up by my head when he's worried or frightened.

He probably senses the blizzard that's about to hit us.
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Corty is lying near the front door, in the sun thats coming through the window beside it. Rascal is sleeping somewhere.....
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now Sam is snuggling next to me on the couch.
he's always super friendly after I've been gone for a few hours. Its really nice to come home to someone who missed me!
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