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What is your cat doing RIGHT now?

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Sherman just spent about an hour playing with one of those plastic rings from a milk jug. He just announced that he was done with a polite mew. Now he's laying by the front door looking cute.

KC's sitting by Shermie's food - luckily Sherm already ate it all.
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I'm so glad you posted this question because I was wondering how I'd brag!

Rocky loves to fetch this ratty old part of a string toy, and will do it for hours. For the first time, I said, "Where's your stringie? Go get your stringie!" (which I say every time I throw it). He knew what I was talking about, ran into the living room and got it, and brought it back for me to throw. I'm so proud.
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Sabi is sleeping on my lap right now... the Mooch is off somewhere sleeping.
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Your cats look similiar to mine! Smidge is sat on my hard drive cleaning himself and Dilly is outside, probably murdering something. She shouldn't be too long though, it's freezing outside!
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Teufel is currently meowing around and rolling on my bed for belly rubs and a game of fetch

Kaylee is currently sniffing our guests
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For the past 3 days the kitten in Rosie has come out of her again because she's been chasing after her tail either bouncing after it all over the bed, on the stairs, the hallway Now she's chasing after a ball downstairs.

Sophie has just jumped off my lap and is now having a drink of water.
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awwww... Sherm just jumped up on the bed behind me and started purring really loud!!
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Rosie's curled up in their bed now asleep and Sophies back on my lap with her head buried in the crease of my left arm so i can only type with one hand for the moment
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Mine are in the kitchen chowing down on their wet food. Seems to be their favorite time of day!
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Bridget is here in the rumpus curled up on her couch in her pen.

Elmo is upstairs sitting outside my bedroom door.

I'm not too sure where Lonestar is?

Sophie and her baby (8 weeks old) are curled up in their bed

Benja is in his pen, enjoying his last night here
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Izzy is sitting on my knee while i am on the 'net'.

Jaz is chattering at the sparrows in the garden.

And Jake is sitting in the garden watching the world go by
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Spot is sitting next to me meowing for me to feed him "chicken". Princess Poops-a-lot is sitting in the floor letting Spot do all the talking.
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Rocky is here on my lap! He has been lap kitty lately! I'm sure Zakk is looking out the window or supervising hubby down in the basement. I don't know where cookie and suzie are. Cookie is probably playing on the cat tree, and suzie is probably hiding/sleeping.
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Let's see.........

Sweetie is perched on top of the recliner I'm sitting on, purring and looking over my shoulder at the laptop screen. I have to keep twisting my arm so I can pet her

And Precious is bathing in the sunlight a few feet away, lying on her back with her eyes closed and it looks like she's smiling
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Most of them are sleeping in open windowsills. It's beautiful out!
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Katie is sitting on the window sill right beside me basking in the sun.
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Morphy is sitting on the basement stairs looking through the kitty door, pretending like nobody can see him. The other 3 are hiding around the house somewhere...lol
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Reilly is sitting out in the sunroom watching the crows in the backyard.
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Sierra and Serenity are both curled up next to me, one on one side, one on the other.
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Buddy is sleeping, as usual, Sissy is just about finished bathing on the cat purch so she will soon be sleeping, Stinker is playing with a toy, Scamper is watching her, Princess just jumped up on the cat tree and is now washing her face and Bonnie is looking out thru the screendoor
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he's watching TV!

Lately he's been doing this more. I think its hilarious.

He really likes the court shows. His ears are moving all over the place. I wonder if he watches when I'm not home...?
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It's quiet, so I presume sleeping. Mom just walked in and said Topaz was pushing her out of bed.
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Layla's downstairs playing w/her paper ball.
She loves paper balls more than anything!
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Sadie and Dexter are taking their afternoon catnaps.
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Tiger and Miagi are both sleeping.
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Meish is sleeping..... what else?
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We just home from being gone all weekend so Harley is next to me purring like crazy - he missed me!
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I'm at work so who knows! Probably doing what he does everyday...plots to take over the world!!!! (In my best mad scientist voice with laugh) lol. No, he is probably pulling tupperware out of the bottom kitchen cabinets, as is his habit lately.
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KC is sprawled out on the bed behind me - he makes the cutest noise when you touch him! Sherm's in the kitchen all curled up under a chair.
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Mooch is sitting by the closet door in here waiting to bat some toy underneath for DH or I to fetch. Noodles' bell is jingling in the other room...no telling what she's up to!
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