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photobucket file sizes

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Is anyone else having problems uploading to photobucket and the file size suddenly changing? I uploaded something that was 27kb on my computer, but its just over 30kb once on photobucket?
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Yep. I've encountered that problem a few times over the past 3 or 4 weeks, and attributed it to Photobucket's adding new features, like video hosting. I also got an email yesterday asking if I wanted to renew my premium account, although I know it's paid up till October. I think the site is experiencing some glitches because of the changes made. Some members here have posted links to Photobucket that aren't showing up, too - all you get is a banner. I'm practicing patience right now - the kinks probably have to be worked out.
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I haven't (to my knowledge) encountered problems with file size, but I did get an invitation to renew yesterday as well, Tricia -- I'm paid up until the end of December, so I think I'll just "practice patience", too
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I received a notice yesterday asking me to become a paid member Since had been thinking about it, it was a reminder to do so.

I've have noticed a lot of new signatures have been oversized, even though the original file size is acceptable.
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I had a bit of a problem with it, but mine was the opposite. I resiezed a bunch of my Marlee pics specifically for TCS, and then uploaded them to Photobucket. But when I posted the pics, I noticed they were all smaller than intended (like half the size) so i went back to photobucket and they had all saved much smaller. Wierd!
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Yeah everyone I know got the buy/renew paid account email.

I have had the problem of weirdly sized pictures before, but generally hand in hand with file sizes, its weird how the pic is just being hosted and therefore just uploaded but changes
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