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Cat with Mental Condition

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Hi, I have a simamese and I think she has a mental condition. She is very loving to me, but when she sees my Mom she lets out his growl and starts to cry. My mom has always been extremely nice to her, but from the moment I bought her home from the breeder she has acted this way. My mother has never even yelled at her.
Does anyone know of a menal condition that could cause this?
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Your cat may just be overprotective of you. Or your mom accidentally hurt her when you were not around. Or it could just even be a certain perfume or cosmetic your mom wears that irritates your cat.
Is your mom the only one your cat does not seem to like?
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Its probably not a mental condition. Cats sometimes just don't like people, and without a concept of "social graces" have no reason to try and hide it.
Give it some time, although the cat may never like your mom. It happens. There are so many reasons that it could be.
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A friend of mine has a Great Dane, OK that’s not a cat but the point is it just does not like me. Despite its size, it’s a very friendly animal, gentle and very tolerant with kids. Seems to get on with everybody else but not for some reason me.

Hope that your mom has better luck with your cat.

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Sometimes a person reminds the animal of someone else they know. My husband used to train horses, and his parents had one horse that seemed to hate him. If he got on its back, it would buck him off. My husband is quite tall, and we noticed that the horse shied away if he stood near its head. I think it had probably been abused by someone tall, and just couldn't trust dh.

Maybe it is similar with your kitty, someone like your Mom was too rough with it as a kitten, or she wears the same perfume as the vet tech or something. The best thing is for your Mom to totally ignore the kitty, and allow it time to watch her and learn that she is harmless.
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Sometimes it also is the breed of cat. Siamese cats have a undeserved reputaion of being moody and abit on the cranky side. Most aren't that way but sometimes they can be. Might just be the old siamese reputation coming true in your cat. Often they like one person and don't like others and show it rather strongly.
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It is so wierd. She loves me and is very sweet, but she hisses and growls every time she sees my mom.
When company comes to our house she hides.
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It is not weird. Your cat is not a people cat, as simple as that.
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