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New here with a Question

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Hello all,
I'm new here and came across this place while searching for some info about FIPs. I work at my local SPCA/Animal Shelter as an Animal Attendant with the cats (mainly). Last week I adopted out a kitten and the owners called back saying she tested postive with FIPs. We put all the cats in the shelter under Quarrinteen and are getting some of them tested to see if it made it to the general popultion of the shelter.
Does anyone knew a thing or two about FIPs??
Thank you for any and all help!!
Hilary Dawn
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Here is a great article written by our very own Anne ... hope it helps.

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It's impossible for a cat to test positive for FIP b/c there is no test for it. The coronavirus antibody titer test is not a specific text for fip and can't be used to determine if a cat has fip. Diagnosis is by analysis of symptoms, sometimes biopsies and fluid removal, and necropsy (autopsy).

If the cat has symptoms tha's another story. And you do mean FIP, not feLV right?
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Thanks you two for the postings.
I got a lot of info from my boss this morning when I was at work and the situation we are in is not bad at all but we are taking the nessary procautions "just" in case. We do have just one cat that bloted out and we isolated her from the general popultion. She is doing much better now and it was just because she's over weight.
We are still going to get atleast two cats "tested" (once then wait about 2 weeks then again) to put the public at ease. We've had call after call of people saying we adopted out a sick cat, which is sooooo untrue. Some people must still have this thinking that animal shelters are very dirty and the animals there are always sick. But in reality our shelter in the cleanest and the best in New Brunswick (website: http://www.gloucesterspcabathurst.freeservers.com/ ).
Well I have to go take care of my birds (I'm a bird rehaber too). So little time.
Thanks again!!
Hilary Dawn
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