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I eat cat treats!!!

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It was an accident!!
I had a bag of skittles, little round sweeties I was eating, Missy was loving me up, so I went to get her treat bag, I sat back down watching a movie, and I was dipping my hand in for my sweeties, and passing missys little chewy treats out of the cat treat bag, I accidently while watching the film, picked out a cat treat and put it in my mouth, I spat it out!!

Missy just looked at me to say ''Mummy don't eat my treats, I don't eat yours!!!''

pricelss. hehe.
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Lol! Did it taste good??
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LOL Was it tasty?? I remember once when I was a kid we had chocolate hamster treats and we gave one of my sisters friends one. telling him it was a hershey kiss! Dont think he ever realized what it was!!
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Did that once...
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Was it tuna or chicken flavor?
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Originally Posted by Emma's Friend

Was it tuna or chicken flavor?
It wouldn't let me just say rotflmao because had to be 20 characters, so,

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you poor thing
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My brother has tried cat treats and dog bones! At first he thought the dog bone was good, but when he ate a second one he nearly threw up! Don't know what he said about the cat treats though. Maybe....."Tastes like chicken!"

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The smells bad enough I've often said to Rosie when i'm giving her a couple " how do you enjoy those?!"
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LOL ewww! Nah I've got to be honest, I've tried them before - and that was willingly.
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May I point out that pet treats may not be good for humans.. although you will attain a glossier coat..
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When we were children, our parents owned a pet shop for a couple of years. The good boy chocolate drops came in tubes, like the ole Smartie tubes, and my brother and i once went through them, eating one from each pack so no one would notice. I think he ate them too.......Maybe he was pretending and laughing at me. LOL
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They didn't taste to bad actually.

They were chicken flavour.
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I always actually eat one or two of my cats' treats/biscuits! I will not feed them anything I wouldn't eat myself!

I can recommend many and say UGH to many others, but I will give them all a go!
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