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I hope dogs are welcome here

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Today we lost our Blackjack. Our dogs got out of the yard on Tuesday 3-14 because a windstorm damaged our fence. We found our females but Blackjack eluded us. He was spotted dead on the side of the road today. My husband and I are just devastated. Blackjack was a lab/chow mix and he was just the sweetest boy. He had some aggression in him and I used to get upset about that. Now that he is gone I'd give anything to have him freaking out at the window because someone is walking by the house. Although we still have our 4 cats and 2 other dogs there is a large gaping hole in our hearts. Blackjack had a rough start in his life. He was abandoned in a dumpster as a puppy. He had been abused and wouldn't allow anyone to come near him when he was rescued. They thought they would have to euthanize him. However, one day the vet's daughter came by and started talking to him and won his trust. We adopted him in the Spring of 2002. Actually, my husband brought him and Keno home one day. I had told him not to bring "a dog" home so he brought two !!!! How he loved to tell this story ! My father-in-law came to me one day, concerned about Blackjack. He had black spots on his tongue and my father-in-law thought he was sick. Actually, the pink & black tongue is a chow trait. He had the curly chow tail too. Today my husband says he never wants another dog .. the pain of loss is so great. I, on the other hand, hope that we can take in another dog that no one wants. Blackjack had nearly 4 years with us and I hope he knew how much we loved him. I hope that he is in a place that is warm and safe with lots of toys and treats for him. A cat or two to snuggle with would be nice too. We love you and miss you Blackjack and we are so sorry you are gone.
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I'm so sorry that you lost Blackjack. It is amazing how some of the most cantankerous animals can find a way into our hearts.
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Of course dogs are welcome here. I am really sorry about what happened to your Blackjack! Sounds like he was a very sweet dog. This is really really hard to go through. (((hugs)))

I'm sure he is comfy at Rainbow Bridge, among all the other many many animals, doing as he pleases.....

Rest In Peace, Blackjack. You're very missed,... But you won't be apart from your family forever Till then, enjoy your time in the green fields & meadows, playing your heart out.

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I'm so sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is hard but losing one like that is devistating. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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So sorry for the loss of your dog! I lived near a highway as a child, and I lost many furry friends to that mean road.

I hope you find some comfort in your other pets. Chin up!
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Condolences on the loss of your special boy. May your happy memories bring you comfort!
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Any animal is welcome in this forum

Thats so sad at how you've lost Blackjack Give your husband time and i'm sure he will have another dog eventually. My mum always used to say no more cats if we'd lost one because she was too upset, but you could guarantee she'd get another

Have fun over the bridge Blackjack, but no chasing kitties up trees
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Oh how awful for you and your husband. What a sad way to lose blackjack. I am so sorry for your loss
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Thank you all for your kind words. I hope that the pain will fade but not the memories. Our Blackjack was a special boy.
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May your memories of Blackjack comfort you.

Rest in peace, Blackjack, until you see your people again.
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You know, I always avoided this area of the forums because of the sadness associated with it. I never thought I would be posting a loss here, at least not for many, many years. I still have moments where I just can't believe our Blackjack is gone. Our lives seem to have stopped in time. I go through the motions of caring for our other 2 dogs and our 4 cats but my house is a mess. Dishes need to be done, laundry needs to be done, the vacuum needs to be run ... but all I can do is sit in front of the tv. I'm taking vacation time from work because I'm not ready to face people.

I know the pain will fade but boy, right now I just don't know how to get past this. Perhaps when Blackjack's ashes are returned to us we will have that final feeling of closure because he will be home with us again.

Reading some of the posts here has helped as I can see that I am not the only one with a broken heart. Every day someone else's heart is broken by the loss of a beloved pet. Some losses are expected and some are sudden but all are painful.

I'd give anything to dance with Blackjack again. He loved to jump up and put his paws on my shoulders. He was just so sweet and lovable. You could wrap your arms around him and hug him just like a big teddy bear. I hope he is safe and warm and happy with all of the other pets that have gone before him. Sleep well my darling big boy.
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The part about you dancing with Blackjack made me smile. I used to do that with my lovely girl Polly, then I would wrap my arms around her and it was like hugging another person.
I am so sorry you are hurting so much. I know none of us have the power to make it better but I hope in time the pain faids and your many happy memories help you get through each day.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. He sounds like such a sweet dog. RIP Blackjack.
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Condolences on your loss of Blackjack. I guess Heaven really needed your wonderful dog for some little boy or girl, or some sweet kitties, for whom Heaven "just ain't Heaven" without a very special dog! No matter what words I could try to write, I realize that no time is a good time to lose someone so near & dear to the family. My Tasha dog has been gone for almost 3 years & I still miss & need her so much - esp. with raccoons killing some of my laying hens & my cats forced to stay inside because they don't have the protection of a good watch-dog available. Blackjack, if being missed here on Earth gets you extra points over RB, you must be getting a wonderful reward!
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