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"Mom what are those??"

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I am sitting here near the window and the rhoddies are in full bloom outside. There are big fat bees traveling from flower to flower and there are 4 cats lined up on the window ledge watching intently. Occassionally, one decides to swat at these fascinating insects, only to find glass in their way. And here I am out of film! Hard to study when you have 4 clowns that want to entertain you like this.
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Hissy, Not that I am an elitist, but I might have to buy miniature binoculars for my cats. They're bird watchers, you know. They are so dedicated that they are up before the sun, sitting in the windowsill, watching the bird feeder with great interest in order to catch a glimpse of a rare species. I'm sure there are doubters out there who assume that their interest might be in hunting. I assure you, their interest is purely intellectual. They have never been outside, so it must be.....right? Riiiiiiiiiight.....
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P.S. What courses are you taking? How many credits?
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Yes, my cat too has been very entertained at the windows today.

First he was at a front window, with his hind legs on a table (that he's allowed on, we don't eat on it) and front paws on the sill, completely mesmerized by the phone guy. He was up on a bucket thingy that went up in the air doing something and it sure was fascinating to my cat.

When he was done, he ran to the back door. It's a sliding glass door and the sun is shining. There were all sorts of floaty fuzzies (yay, pollen!) and there is a wind chime that shoots a patch of light all over the place. And then, there was a giant bee!

He had so much fun, and then finally ran up to me to be petted. I swear he was telling me about everything!
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My boys love the windows too.

Yesterday I went out on my patio, and there was a smallish squirrel out there. Now I know what has them so fascinated out the sliding glass doors.

On the other side of the living room is a big picture window. It's probably 6 feet high and starts close to the floor, so they can see out of it while laying on the carpet. There is a holly hedge in front of it. The hedge is thick and bushy on the outside, but kind of concave nearer the window, so we can see all the birds out there. They aren't nesting, but they seem to be claiming territory and hunting bugs. The cats love to watch this, too. Must be like kitty tv!
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My two are ALWAYS at the balcony sliding doors, looking outside, and swatting at anything that came close to the window! Cleo even swatted the snowflakes in the winter. We'd let her go outside on the balcony with us there, and she'd jump at the snow and everything!! It was sooo cute.:tounge2:
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Ivo spends her day sitting in or on her kitty condo that I placed in front of a large window in my apartment. There are shops on the first floor of my building, so the first floor is larger than the two upper apartment floors. Birds and even squirrels come up on the first floor roof, and Ivo's perch gives her a great view.

She had discovered the birds a while ago, but I think the birds finally discovered her. Yesterday morning, she was crouched in her condo chittering away. When I looked out the window, there were four finches sitting on the electric line, chittering back and ruffling their feathers. They would fly away and come back to taunt her some more. It was so funny, but those birds don't realize how lucky they are that she's not allowed out.
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My babies love watching the birds. Unfortunately our bird feeder got destroyed in a hail storm on Saturday. We have to go buy a new one.
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My two love to sit on the window perch that we bought for them and look outside at the geese that fly by all the time and the birds that sit in the tree right in front of our living room window. Its so funny b/c every now and then I will see them swating at the glass and they have this look on their face like why can't I reach them???
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