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Do you get your cat's teeth cleaned?

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I brush Conner's teeth about once every two weeks. I know you are supposed to brush them every week, and I know you are also supposed to take them once a year to get professionally and thoroughly cleaned by the vet, but I havent taken the con-man for that yet. I called yesterday and it's $70, eek!

I was just wondering if you guys take your furbabies, and if so, is that price about average. Also, they said they put them under when they clean their teeth, do you all know how long it takes??
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I get my cats' teeth cleaned every year. Our price is about the same as that, and it takes about 1/2 hour or so, more or less, depending on how bad they are.
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I want to, but I need to get a few things squared off first. Poor thing has kitty butt-breath all the time.
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Originally Posted by CommonOddity042
I want to, but I need to get a few things squared off first. Poor thing has kitty butt-breath all the time.

Lol, yeah, Kitty butt breath about sums it up!
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Well I have only cleaned the teeth of older animals ... Kandies last dental was 300 plus ...
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Whew, $300! I guess I shouldnt be complaining about $70. I am going to make an appointment for Wednesday. It's also time for his yearly shots, so it will be a bit pricey, but we do what we must for those we love!
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I get their teeth cleaned every year. NO WAY would they let me brush their teeth!
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It costs $150 per cat. I spend $300 a year on them.
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I wish Abby would let me clean her teeth. I do take her in for a dental once a year though. She eats raw, so the bones help keep her teeth in top shape. The dogs have no problem letting me clean their teeth, its the darned cat. My foster kitty, Nutmeg, kind of sort of lets me clean her teeth. It's a little bit of a struggle, but I get it done. I also pay about $70, but I'm not 100% sure, because it's been a few months since I took Abby in.
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it is only between $35 and $45 at my vet's office (depending on the severity. he charges extra for extracctions)
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My 2 male cats have never let me brush their teeth and so they have to go for dentals. Both have on-going gum problems which has resulted in teeth being extracted. After their last dental (to the tune of $350 :argh) Smithers, my 11 year old, has 4 teeth left, Rusty, my 6 yr. old has 11 or 12 left. I'm now slowly trying to get my newest little girl, Stella, to let me brush her teeth.
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My cats would never let me brush their teeth. I have never taken my cats for a dental though except for my Himalayan Eliott. He has a snaggletooth sticking out in front and it is always getting dirty. In fact he is probably due again.
I always check my cats teeth, constantly, in fact I probably annoy them. First sign of dirtiness they go in to the vet.
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My kitties teeth were cleaned last year. In the expensive area where I live, it runs about $400 each, including a blood panel and general anesthesia.

There is an option at this practice. A veterinary dental specialist comes in twice a month. He will do 2 cleanings a year on pets with healthy months, without general anesthesia. This is not cheap but it does avoid the risk of anesthesia.

I have chosen to have my kitties cleaned under a general.
I was not successful at brushing their teeth at home.

Good luck...
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The price sounds about right. I've been lucky with Jamie - he'll be seven next month, and has so far only had to have his teeth cleaned twice, at 3 and at 6 years of age. He won't let me brush his teeth, though sometimes I have a little success with dental wipes (from Petco). We had one cat who had to have her teeth cleaned annually, starting when she was about two.
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The only one of mine that's needed to have her teeth cleaned so far is Katie (she's almost 13). That price sounds about right, although I did pay extra for a senior panel before each cleaning because of her age.
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