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Tipsy & Cedar Thread 02

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link to the first thread

thought it was about time I shared some more photos of my boys (I am just linking to the first thread so I can keep them all together so to speak)



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More gorgeous babies -- who don't want to be upstaged by their furless kitten Love the one of Tipsy under the quilt! Love them all! but he's got his "I'm cute !" face on there.
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Dan...your new digital camera is really serving you well.
Wonderful pictures of both Tipsy and Cedar.
More please....
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Awww, Tipsy and Cedar are such beautiful kitties! Very nice pictures.
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Those are beautiful pictures! Very well taken!
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You have such handsome boys!
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Hello boys !
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Awwwww look at them!!!! Danielle that cameras perfect!

My favourite ones are the 2nd and 3rd ones of Tipsy and the 2nd and 3rd ones of Cedar

Tipsy looks so relaxed on his back. Do they use that tree stump as their scratching post?
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Wonderful pics! I also love the one of Tipsy under the quilt
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Beautiful pics of two gorgeous boys!
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Awww, they are gorgeous. Tipsy has beautiful eyes, I love the first pic. Cedar looks like he has a double chin.
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There's my handsome Aussie boys! They are just too precious!

I tell ya Dan, I'm so glad you have that new camera... you sure are spoiling us all. First lots of new pics of Jazzy and now your boys!
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Great pictures Dani! Your furkids are so beautiful! I love the one of Tipsy rolling over!
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There's my beautiful nephews!

Fantastic new pictures, Danielle! Still jealous of your new camera!

Molly sends special extra kisses to Tipsy for being such a purrrfect model!

I send extra kisses to Tipsy and Cedar too!
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they are very prety kits - & i LOVE your new signature! everybody looks good in it! you'll have to keep updating it to keep us informed of how Jasmine's changing!
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Aw, they're so handsome! They like that stump, don't they? I love Tipsy's eyes, and Cedar looks like a wild cat in that photo with his big stripey tail!
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Awwww Dan they are so handsome and your photos are so well taken.

Cedy just looks so majestic sitting on his tree stump there!
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