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i need help fast

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My cat is a year old and has developed a cold. she has a runny nose and is so congested she can barely breath. this developed overnight and since i live in a small town we have no vets who are open on the weekends can anybody suggest anything that i can do to help her until i am able to take her to one on Monday?
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You can try confining her to a small bathroom and let the shower run hot for the steam. It seems to help some cats.
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There is also a product sold at most pharmacies called "Little Noses." It's a pediatric nose drop for kids. If they don't have that brand, ask them for neosynephrine nose drops. Put 1 drop in each nostril three times a day until then, it may help reduce the stuffiness.
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You can try squirting saline (NOT decongestant!) nose drops in her nose. This will probably make her sneeze out some of the gunk. Then call the vet tomorrow and get her in for their first available appointment. She needs to see a vet soon but it's not an emergency situation.

Also, just for future needs, when you are at the vet ask them for the name, address, and phone number of the nearest 24-hour emergency vet clinic. There should be one in the nearest medium or large city and it's important to know where it is and how to get in touch with them ahead of time so you are prepared in case there is an emergency at night or on the weekends.
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My cats love the smell of Vick's Vap-O-Rub. It also gives them some relief when they get the sniffles. It does not seem to them at all when they lick it, either. I do not let them lick it, but sometimes one of them will sneak one in before i can catch them.
I hope your kitty gets better.
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Also, since she won't be able to smell her food she may not be eating or drinking. If she is not, you may have to entice her with a really strong smelling food or add tuna water to her food. When my cat had a cold I had to hand feed him wet food to make sure he got enough food and liquid into him.
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Do you have a warm mist vaporizer? If not, you can buy one at a drugstore fairly inexpensively. If you put it in the bathroom with your kitty, it should help her breathe. I also use plain saline nose drops (also available at the drugstore) for my sick foster kittens.

This should help her breathe better until you can get her to a vet.

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