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Is it okay to use dog shampoo on cats???

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Uh, I wouldn't. I mean, if it was meant to be, wouldn't they just call it dog and cat shampoo?
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When we took my Mom's girl Piper for a wellness check-up we asked the Vet the same question and
yes, you are correct a lot of shampoos for humans, etc. contain ingredience that might not be good for kitty. However he did suggest to use BABY SHAMPOO if we decided to give her a bath. We opted to take her to a groomer.
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I've also heard that baby shampoo is good for bathing kitties.
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Hi,.Now I don't claim to know for sure,.but I HEARD or READ some where not to use dog shampoo on cats or kittens,and vise versus,.unless of course it states that its ok for both,.now I wouldn't mix the two personally,.but if in doubt,.I wouldn't do it,.or ck with your vet,..or call and ask a local vet's office,.they should be able to tell you.
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