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Tell me about your cat...

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I often laugh at how my cats find new, warmer and exciting places to sleep around the garden and the house. Dilly likes to sleep on top of my hi-fi and on the roof of the coal shed and Smidge likes to sleep on top of the fridge and I have found him in a drawer full of clothes before!

Where is the strangest place you found your cats asleep?
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Rocky likes to sometimes sleep curled up in the bathroom sink. The other day I went to make the bed and when I tried to pick up the pillow it didn't move. He had gotten into the pillowcase and was fast asleep. Since then, even when I'm in bed, he has started nuzzlng the opening so I lift it and let him into the pillowcase. Good thing I have two pillows because I've had to give him one. Seems he likes it in there.
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We have a corner broom cupboard in the kitchen and on top is the kitchen clock. There is enough space behind the clock where cats can sit. Weve had several get up there (via the kitchen curtains ) and give us our own clock with the tail pendulum.

Then there was the kitten who like to sleep in the hanging planter and Sheba who could be found sleeping in the planter of cactus!
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How about on my head, does that count? lol. Umm, he also burrows up my shirt at night and pops his head out of the neck whole next to mine. What can I say, we're really close, lol. Other than that, he sleeps on anything that is obnoxiously inconvenient, such as homework or freshly laundered clothing.
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When I had Sheba she loved to sleep on top of the water heater!! I used to put a blanket on the top for her. If the ironing board is set up Bakker will sleep on it next to the unplugged iron.
I've caught Ox "napping" on the kitchen table too!!
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Persil's favourite place in summer is in the herb trough full of parsley ( Persil means parsley in French though that is not how she got her name!). Lately Ellie has taken to sleeping in an insulated coolbag on top of the kitchen cabinet. Both Dushka and Wellington like to sleep on my keyboard and swat each other for the right to be there. Napoleon often falls asleep on a radiator, with his legs splayed out on either side and his head drooping over the edge.
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Once I found Winnie sleeping in the ferret cage!
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3 of mine like to nap on my massage table when I have it set up in the living room. At night they pile in with us. Scooter acts like he just wants to be left alone to sleep between us, but I wake up most mornings with him cuddling against my chest. Fluffy likes to cuddle with my s/o. and Pepper likes to be right in the middle of all of us. Pearl still sleeps in various places in the computer room. If it gets really cold, she will brave the bed, but must be between our pillows, where she can't see the other cats.
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LOL, cats will sleep anywhere!! Mine love to sleep curled up on the fridge, in my daughters bed,my daughters baby bed, in the sink......in my baskets up on our shelves Basically anywhere they want to!!
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Samuel is partial to the second level of the linen closet.
the problem with that is I generally want to put CLEAN things in there.. and he gets them all furry!
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