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Who wants to see Mr Huggy Bear?

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Mr Huggy Bear, also known as Fluffnut is a right pain to get any photos of but over the last week or so we have been very lucky and have managed to get some photos of our gorgeous boy.

We have some more coming, Its just I need to do some photo editing and then I can share some more with you. But for now I hope you'll enjoy these, these are some of the best ones we have of him yet!

These are THUMBNAILS, please click on them to see a bigger picture!

Are you looking at me? if not you should be!

Leave me alone Mommy...the photo shoot is over!

I love my boy so much, and I am so glad I finally got some good photos of him to show to you all. And I do love his blue eyes, they just melt me up.

Huggy Bear sends lots of love and cuddles to you all!

Eva x
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Ohhh! I love his blue eyes too!! What a gorgeous fluffy boy he is
Those are some really nice pictures of him

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Oh my goodness. Aside from the white paws, Huggy and Conner look so much alike. ( I know you cant tell from my sig, those pics are old, but I will get some new ones up asap so you can see what I mean!) The blue eyes especially. Oh, and Conner's a fatty, oops, I mean 'pleasantly plump'!
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what a cutie ... Is he a birman or a ragdoll?:?
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He is a blue mitted ragdoll and he is 1 year 3 months old.

Thanks for all the lovely comments, I love my boy very much!
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Huggy Bear, aka Fluffnut ... is gorgeous.
I love his pantaloons.
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he is gorgeous
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Mr. Huggybear is sooo gorgeous! It is nice to know he has a great personality to go along with his handsome looks! LOL!
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oh, he is gorgeous! I'm in love!
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Such a handsome guy!! I just want to cuddle him, he looks so soft.
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Oooo! I wanna hug Mr Huggy Bear! He is so handsome!!!
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What a very beautiful boy
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Wow, he sure is turning out to be a stunner, isn't he! I remember when you got him, he was one of the most beautiful kittens!
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