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The love of cats

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I just want to say, i'm feeling really down after having heart scans. I feel really strange. and very depressed.

I don't know what id'd do without, our 4 legged friends,

they may claw the curtains. wake me up at 6am. But I could not be without any of them thats come into my life and touched my heart and soul, made me feel hole, and not so alone,

They truely are, a gift. The world wouldn't be the same without cats. it just would be wrong. everyone would have cold laps.

Please could you post, some pictures, of your babys.

really need some cheering up today....
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I tried to take some new ones for you, but my camera is messing up. And the cats are SO not being cooperative. So, instead, here is one of my recent faves.

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Here are a few of Harley

This was when he was only a little baby at 9 weeks old!

THis is my most favorite picture of him

I hope these helped!
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Awww Claire You know were all here for you!.

Heres some i havent posted in a while

Rosie catching the mail

Rosie playing with Sophie when she was a kitten

Rosie in a playful mood

And my favourite one of them

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I'm sorry you're so down! How about some kitten pictures?
These are pretty old.....
Hope you enjoy them!!

Some younger kittens:


Being darlings..

Kitten tails

Sleeping by mommy

And some older kitties!!


Group picture!!


All lined up.. look at those faces !

Time for a nap

Aren't they sweet??
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Thanks so much everyone, i'm smiliing.

I love all these precious pictures, there so lovely.

it's great taking pictures of cats and capturing a moment, that captures us forever.
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