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Daily Thread for Monday

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Well, I woke up at the wrong side of the bed. I tossed and turned all night long and had a lot of coughing. Then when it was time to get up, I got a slight sour throat. I feel really grouchy and want to go home and go back to bed. I wish I had someone who could take care of me. A good man who tells me to go to bed and he comes with medicine, chicken soup, and other things. Its been a long time since I had that happen to me!
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I hope you fell better soon Nena. Today isn't that great of a day for me either. I am tired, as usual on a Monday and I have to write my demand letter to the insurance company for all of my money and bills from my accident from like 2 months ago. Besides that I have to do my math homework...Ugh! I just want to go home and sleep! I think I might take a sick day tomorrow so I can stay home and sleep.
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That was the noise that woke me up at 4:00 a.m. When I finally stumbled out of sleep and turned on the light, I saw my Barty cat laying underneath the computer chair on his back, playing with the lever that raises and lowers the chair........"twang.....twang...twang...." Sleep destroyed by now, I got up and did some homework, surprised the horse with an early morning feed and am now in the middle of a lovely sunny morning even though it is cold right now.

Also, Mike and I reported our suspicions this morning and hope we are wrong in this. Jumping to conclusions can sometimes lead to a big mess, but if we aren't wrong then that is another story. They say they will keep this anonomous. I hope they do. Also went under the house to see how the new family is doing, but they are gone....... I can only hope she didn't move them far.
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Thats good Hissy that you told the authorities. Sorry that the kitty is gone. Let us know if she comes back.
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Oh, I'm so sorry Hissy!

As for my day, instead of repeating myself just read my thread on Sam's Neuter
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I will, as I am the only one around for miles with a feral feeding station, my guess is she didn't move them far and she will be back to feed and bring them with her when they are old enough.
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Nothing much going on today except that I can't get motivated to work at all. Hubby is clashing with the guy he "works" with. Earl produces a radio show for this guy, with no pay whatsoever, and he is getting really demanding, not trusting Earl's decisions with music selections, and worst is that he is being dishonest to get radio stations to sign on the show. We have also "caught" a couple of lies he has told us, nothing major but to me a lie is a lie. I don't know what to tell him except support whatever decision he makes. He's really considering dropping the producing gig since it is taking up a lot of his time and he doesn't like how the DJ is treating him or his business practices.

Hissy - I am so sorry you new momma left. I wouldn't think she would go far since there is a good supply of food, as well as her babies are so little. Maybe your other kitties can tell her what a nice purrson you are and change her mind!
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Well, I think I am going to go home, cook up some chicken soup, get into my pajamas, and rest. I've been feeling crappy all morning. And now my head is starting to hurt. Not the normal headache, but sort of like pressure. I am starting to get chills all over my body and my sore throat is getting worse! Yuck! What a way to start a Monday! I hope I feel better tomorrow. See you all tomorrow!
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Certainly doesn't feel like spring time outside. I slept in till 9 today and that's odd for me since I'm usually up around 7. Must be the weather.

I took the dogs down to the park today. I usually leave Natala home because of her hip problems but today since it was starting to rain and figured I wouldn't be there long I took her with me. I really hate to leave her behind and it breaks my heart when she gets excited because she thinks she's going.

She was so happy to go. Her and Scooby bounced around and barked at each other a lot. **sighs** I've only had her for 2 years and her condition has gotten so worse in the short time she's been with me. If things progress the way they've been going I don't think she'll be able to walk by the time she's 9.

Anyway it made her day and now she's curled up beside me on the floor sleeping.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!
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What a day. I've had a cold since Saturday. UGH. My head is so congested, and I have a horrible ear ache. I was going to call the doctor, but I don't have a fever and I don't think its an infection. Probably just fluid, but its hurting. If it doesn't ease up by tomorrow I guess I'll have to go in.

The weather here is lousy, its cold and damp. I hate it. The kids are unable to play outside because of the rain, and they are getting cabin fever already! Where is summer????????????????
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Come to Houston, I'll show you summer Right now we are having a heat wave, it's supposed to break 92 today with a heat index of over 100. This time of year the highs are only supposed to be in the upper 70s/lower 80s. They say that this is a sign of a really bad summer for us. We are actually supposed to get hotter tha Phoenix today!

Well, to all of you cold weather people who want some warm temps, I'll send some of our stuff your way


You are the second person I have ever known of that has the name Daniela (spelled that way too).
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Sabra, there are not too many of us that spell it the way I do. Its a European name, mostly found in Italy and Germany. I've only met one other girl here in the US with the same spelling.

I'd love to take some of your hot weather! Although, in another month or two it'll be in the 90's here too. It usually gets hot here in the summer, but this year the spring has been cool. And rainy this past week.
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Not too bad, for a Monday. Got off work, early, for a doctor's appt. I FINALLY got one! Been trying, since November. The new doc seems OK. He wrote the scrips that I need and gave me a podiatrist referral. Will schedule, later, for the 44-year checkup, tueup and overhaul. Opie and Bill are as usual. Bill cooked dinner. Nothing fancy but, any meal that I don't have to cook is a good one. Picking up new baby tomorrow, eve. Gotta find her a name!
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today was busy but pretty good.

Saw the doctor early, got my meds renewed for another month. I still get very sad by the end of the day if I miss a dose. But neither one of us wants me to be taking these forever, so we are going a month at a time, hoping to stop taking them pretty soon. I know that seeing a therapist would help a lot too, to be able to process my stuff. But the divorce is supposed to be final in about a week, so I can wait.

Jim paid me back some money he owed me today and was snippy about it. However, he called later to apologize. Then he called my lawyer (who is also my uncle) who quizzed him about health insurance for me until I'm working. Jim got emotional, my uncle stonewalled, and Jim came by to bend my ear about it. Now I don't see any reason for us to go to court at this point and told him so, so he went back to work. He called me and apologized again, twice in one day is amazing! He also promised that he will take it up with my uncle the next time, not play the two of us against each other.

My air conditioner started working again, for no reason I can figure, and works beautifully. I guess they had to recharge the freon or something, since they have pretty much replaced everything inside the apartment.

And (now this is a big one) I got a bank account!

:laughing2 :LOL: :blubturq: :splitter:

I have been trying for MONTHS to do this, and finally today I walked into a bank in a Wal*Mart and they were having a "second chance checking account" promotion. I told them about the other overdrawn accounts, the guy (he was quite young) asked if they were with his bank (which they weren't), and he opened the account on the spot. I can write checks! I can deposit child support checks! I can get a bank card w/ a MasterCard symbol on it so I can write checks in stores! In one moment I am returned from the edges to middle class life. I'm still poor, but I'm not marginal any more. Wow.

So this has been a really good day for me.
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