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health insurance

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I was just wondering if anyone has health insurance for their pets? I've seen the pamphlets at the vets and I'm just not sure if it is worth it...

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I had wondered the same thing and I've checked into a couple different companies. I've decided while I still work at the clinic it's not really worth it for me since I get everything done for 80% off.

A friend of mine has it and she encourages everyone to get it. Her dog had blown it's left cruciate and the hospital where she had it repaired at told her it will probably happen to the right one. So she went and insured both of her dogs and a few months later her dog blow out the right knee and she only had to pay the 50 dollar detuctable out of an almost thousand dollar surgery.
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I've been wondering about pet insurance too. I am living hand to mouth right now and if anything happened to my babies I would be pretty hard pressed to pay for it (I would find a way, but it would be hard!).

Can anyone recommend a good company or ones to shy away from?

I've done some research on it, but I can't hardley make heads nor tails of some of the exclusions. It looks to me like a lot of the companies really don't actually insure for very much.
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I put away the $25 per cat in an account every month. I figure, no one offers something like this unless THEY are making money, right? So I might as well hang onto that money, but make sure it's around, just in case. Peak times for claims are during the cat's first year (vaccinations), and after the 6th year. Between years 1 and 6, claims are almost nil.
Also, my cats could develop some horrible, life-altering illness, but I highly doubt I would find myself completely unable to pay it without having insurance. Savings should be sufficient. Why should my money go in their pocket, instead of my savings account?
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