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Okay, Who Got Pinched Today?

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Was just wondering who got pinched and who didn't. I my brother. I had to put something green on just so he would leave me alone. Did you wear green or did you get pinched?
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I was working an adoption event, so I had on my yellow shelter t-shirt all day! I'm the only person in all of Chicago who has absolutely NO Irish in them, so I always feel a little left out
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i wore green today
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No green, no pinching... didn't seem like too many people around here even remembered that is was St. Patrick's Day.
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Lol...glad to see that I'm not the only one who didn't wear green!
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YEP... I WOULD have been pinched, except, at the VERY last second, I remembered I needed to put Green on today! My Grandkids were just walking up the driveway, and I ran and found a Shamrock pin I had (WHEW!)
--Saved by the Shamrock!
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*is a little confused?*
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I have a green sweatshirt that I only wear one day a year. Guess what day that is?

Fran, it was St. Patricks day and one of the good ol USA's traditions is wearing green. If you dont you get pinched.
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I did wear some green yesterday...although here in least the part I'm from we don't get pinched.
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Originally Posted by Cougar
No green, no pinching... didn't seem like too many people around here even remembered that is was St. Patrick's Day.

I forgot until I saw someone with a hat that said 'Kiss me I'm Irish.'
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Whose day is that, then ??????
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In Chicago, you never forget when it's St. Patrick's Day. The celebrations actually start the weekend before. I went to see Gaelic Storm last Saturday. The green party stuff was out in force. As for ther actual day, there isn't a single store/bar/restaurant/office that lets you forget it. My friends and I decided to go to Celtic Crossings, a 'traditional' Irish pub on Clark St... i was told that 4pm should be early enough to get a table and be happy... now, of course, the folks planning this outing had NO idea how seriously St. Patty's Day is taken here. I got there AT four and there were people already drunk off their a***s. I had to wait 45 minutes to get a table, and that was once I had my first Guinness (and finished it). One of the other group members joined me, and we got a table. Then we were ushered out of there by the rest of the group who didn't want to wait five more minutes to get inside, and decided to go across the street to Clark Street Ale House. So, we eventually got a table there, after an hour... impatient twits...

I had four pints of Guinness last night... now if I got true hangovers, I'd be wanting to kill something right now... as it is, I just want LOTS of coffee. And chocolate.

I'll never drink four of them again... ugh *thud*

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I did not get pinched. The only green I had on was a shamrock pin.
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Nope, I didn't get pinched, and I didn't wear green either!
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No GREEN for me! I totally forgot to wear any..but thankfully I didnt get pinched!!
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I've never heard of being pinched if you don't wear green ?
I guess we just don't really do that over here. I did wear green though!
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Well you will get pinched in here if you don't wear green.
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