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radio question of the day: 03/17/06

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How will/did you spend your St. Patty's day?
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The same way I spend every day. I'm 99% German and I'm not Catholic and I don't need an excuse if I want to drink beer.
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Doing laundry and other household chores, fun times!

I also spent 20 minutes rough housing with the dog, he begged me to, and it's his birthday so I couldn't refuse.
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I also spent it like every other day. Worked, came home, ate dinner, etc.

I'm part Irish... but I dont like beer!
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Well the plans that I did have kind of fell I ended up staying home watching TV.
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I worked and then came home and passed out on the couch. lol
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Doing as little as possible
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Originally Posted by valanhb
and I don't need an excuse if I want to drink beer.
hahahaha me either!!! infact its no longer st patricks day here (4pm on saturday) and I think I will have a beer - why? cause I can
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I spent my day at school- from about 10 am till 10:30pm. I have never had beer and I don't drink so it was a normal day, exept I went out to lunch with friends.
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Cleaning and work all day
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No particular difference from any other day. No Irish blood in this chick -- in fact, that was my excuse for forgetting to wear green.
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Same as every other day. No Irish in me either!
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9:30- bought groceries
2:00- St. Pat's Party
4:15- Eucharist
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Got up, went to work, came home, made supper, ran some errands, and came home - so no celebrating here!
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Normal day for me.....I had to babysit all day, then last night had to go grocery shopping! By the time I picked my daughter up I was exhaussted!! But then i had the chore of bringing in all the groceries by myself and putting them away!(hubby was at work, or he would of been the lucky one) By then I was really tired, so I layed down and watched some tv, then finally made my way to bed!!! Oh yeah, and I dont have irish in me either, and I do not like beer!!
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Went out with a friend to an overcrowded bar and ate corned beef and cabbage which was disgusting, they put in way too much of whatever spice you use, and then drank a few Margaritas and left around 12:30. Did get a date for tonight from a guy there! (I've seen him there before and we've been talking on and off for a few days)
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Like any other day, but I did specially put on a green top under my school polo.
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