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I didn't even know she was pregnant-

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I was under the impression my cat, Bastet, was just getting fat. I have one rather large cat already. Bastet isn't that old. She just started going into heat so I had made an apointment to get her spayed even though she is strictly an indoor car. My mother is rather careless and it seems let her out a couple times by accident . I assume this is when she got pregnant. I was getting dressed for school this afternoon when I hear meowing under my bed. I was a bit freaked out to find my cat giving birth and subsequently missed school...which made my mother very angry but I certainly wasn't leaving Bast alone at that moment, I mean, come on >.>;;.

Anyway, I now have five newborn kittens under my bed. They all look quite healthy. I tried moving them into a box I lined with towels but Bast wasn't having that and simply started moving them back. So they're still under my bed, which I moved some so I can get to them, though it smells just awful now. I put down a couple of towels nearby for her but other than that I have no idea what to do. I've only ever raised baby kittens who didn't have a mother. I have a feeling it's an entirely different set of rules when the mother is a good one. Does anyone have any advice for me?

I feel so guilty for assuming Bast was just fat She was trying to get my attention earlier today and lead me into the bedroom but I just didn't understand. It was my dog that led me to her and the kittens. (Dog and cat are on the best of terms). I've since locked him out of the room though, just so he won't get on her nerves.
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You mentioned that you have a dog, do you have a large dog crate? You could line the bottom with soft, clean, nesting materials and close Bastet and her babies in there while you moved your bed to clean properly. I take it Bastet had her babies on the carpet? You will need to clean the carpet thoroughly under there.

If you don't have a crate, you can get one at Wal-Mart for about $50. They really are handy, not just for now but also for when the babies get older and you need to confine them for safety or other reasons.

Also, you will need to make 100% absolutely certain that no one accidently lets Bastet outside again ... she can become pregnant again in no time, so be certain that everyone in your home knows not to let her go out, at least not until after she is spayed.
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My dog is a chiuauah so no, no large dog crates. She didn't actually have her babies on the carpet so much as the notebooks I keep under my bed. (so I can work on stories/ideas under my lamp until I'm ready to sleep). Heh, either way, I'd already intending to clean up as soon as she feels like moving.

About how long should I wait before spaying her now that she's had kittens?
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You might want to discuss when to spay with your own vet, but I would wait until after all the babies are weaned and eating solids on their own consistantly before doing it. A lot of people will tell you that it is OK to do at 6 to 8 weeks, but IMO, the extra few weeks of bonding time for kittens while still nursing their mother makes for confident, well-socialized kittens. Momma will normally stop nursing them on her own at around 10 to 12 weeks old, so just keep on eye on things to see when that happens - it may be earlier or later for Bastet, they can be such individuals when it comes to these things. But 10 to 12 weeks is what I would recommend. You have got to be REAL careful about doors and windows though, because Bastet may go back into estrus about a week to 10 days after delivery. And she may continue to cycle until she is spayed.
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One last question - Since she's still in my room, should I keep the door closed or open? Bastet does come out from time to time. When the door's closed she meows so I can come open it for her (she has everything she needs in there of course) but I'm not sure whether I should just leave it open or not. She does go back to the kittens on her own, it's just that I'm afraid she might move them without me noticing or the dog might get in and aggrivate them - my dog is significantly smaller than my cat and certainly wouldn't hurt them, but he can reaaallly get in the way.
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It's best to keep the door shut for now, Bast may move the kittens anywhere in your house if she can go in and out.

You need to clean up the area, as I imagine it's a bit icky at the moment. Put Bast and the kittens in a cat carrier while you clean up the area and put down a folded towel for her. Use rolled-up blankets or towels to form a barrier around the nest area so the kittens can't get 'lost'.

Bast needs to be eating a good quality KITTEN food, as much as she wants, while she is nursing the kittens. Growing kittens inside and then nursing them takes a lot of nutrients out of a mumcat.
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