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A little over a week ago my canary Perl died. She was a beautiful white canary. I only had her for a little under 2 weeks.

Well, I got the results back from the necropsy and she had cancer. The cancer had spread from her ovaries to the stomach, lungs, and brain. Perl should have been showing signs of illness before the breeder sold her to me.

I am really mad that someone would sell a canary whose body is full of cancer. I became attached to her and loved her.

The breeder will not give me my money back, but she will give me another canary. I am done w/this breeder. I feel like I should just cut my losses and find a more reputable breeder.

Perl was in alot of pain and I am glad that her last few days were spent w/me.

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I remember your thread when little Perl wasn't doing well. I'm so sorry for your loss. It's amazing how quickly we get attached to our little creatures.

I think that is terrible what the breeder is doing. I would definitely find a different one.

You will have a little bird waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge who knew you loved her and cared for her in her time of need.
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Safron - I am sorry about your little feathered friend, Perl. You are in my thoughts. She is flying happy now and free from pain.......
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Safron, I'm sorry to hear about Perl's necropsy results. It's always hard learning that your pet has cancer and even though you had her a short time the attachment is there. I'm sure she is grateful for the care and love you gave to her.
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