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A Little Worried

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I am a little worried about one of my kittens in my litter. The kittens are 12 days old today. This little one is the only girl in a litter of four. She was born about 20grams smaller then the rest. She wieghs 260 grams today. Is that normal for a kitten 12 days old. Her litter mates weight between 300 and 350 grams . Could it just be that she is just more wedge head and lighter boned and the others are boys and applehead that are more heavily boned. Their parents are both classic (between a wedgehead and a applehead). She and her other littermates have had their eyes open for over a week. She is starting to walk just like the others. I dont see her developmentally behind.
All I guess I am trying to say is do you think that she is ok?
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As long as she is gaining and moving around she should be oK. Girls can be smaller that boys, and she could just spurt up when she starts eating solid food.
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I am just worried that she has not been gaining rapidly over the last 3 days. She had not lost any weight, but she only puts on a few grams a day. Is it normal for 12 days old to have a little slowdown.
I have never supplemented. Do you think that if something was internally wrong it would have manifested itself before this.
Once again she is developmentally fine. She is starting to stand up and walk a little and she has had her eyes open for awhile.
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My Festus was the runt of her litter of 3 girls and a boy. She looked tinier as they kept getting bigger so much quicker. On the other hand, the fact that your kitten has slowed down on her weight gain is a concern. Can you try to encourage her to be the first kitten on the Momma?

I have a litter of six, and weigh them starting with the kitten I am most concerned with. That way the littlest kitten is weighed and returned to Mom first, and gets first chance at a nipple. You can also observe as they eat, and be sure she is staying latched on, and not getting pushed off by the boys.

If she continues to lag, then try supplementing her. I think when they are very young, if a kitten is shorted on a few meals, they probably don't have the energy to fight for a nipple and can just fade away. Best of luck and keep us posted on her progress.
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She gained 10 grams overnight.
Is it common to loose a kitten after two weeks? She does not look sick at all. Her belly is fat and swelled just like the others. She is just a little smaller.
Is it normal for a kitten to be 400 grams at 13 days old? One of her littermates is absolutly a fattie.
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A kitten who seems to be keeping up with littermates in terms of activity is probably doing okay. Some will be smaller than others but steady growth is more important than how much the kitten weighs at any given time. Weight loss is definitely a sign of a problem as is failure to gain for more than a day or so. But a slowdown in weight gain is not necessarily anything to be concerned about.

A gain of about 8 grams a day is normal. So an overnight gain of 10 grams is definitely a very good thing. It really sounds like she is just fine.
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